YouTube’s Community Guidelines in 2021…

Today I will highlight everything about YouTube’s Community Guidelines. So there was a request to read the entire post.

YouTube is currently the largest video sharing platform in the world. Google did not buy YouTube in 2006. Currently, more than two billion people visit YouTube. You will find almost all types of videos on YouTube. However, today’s discussion is about YouTube’s Community Guidelines and how to earn from YouTube and how to get more views on videos and more subscriptions on your YouTube channel. Everything is given in the form of bottom points.

YouTube’s Community Guidelines

YouTube's Guidelines in 2021

1. Selection of topics

If you want to open a YouTube channel, that channel must be in a certain category. Suppose you open a YouTube channel to upload tutorial videos, then the topic of your channel will be tutorials. You have to think a little about the channel and choose it. Because people’s tastes change over time. People don’t like things that people used to like. Just like today’s people don’t like anything before. But I have made a list of the best things that are currently. Channels on this topic are currently popular.

  • Tutorial
  • News
  • Games
  • Explanation
  • Cooking

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Channels on this topic are becoming popular nowadays. So if you want to get more views on your video, make it a little popular. However, there are some channels that will not get monetization from YouTube. YouTube has made their new rules clear. Below is a list of some channels that will not be monetized from YouTube.

  • what’s app status
  • Tiktok
  • Gaming (without commentary)
  • Slideshow image
  • no creativity
  • without commentary any channel’s

Looking at the issues, it is understood that if you have to upload the video to YouTube, then at least you have to give voice. You will also get monetization on TickTock channels if you can give voice. One of the things is that you have to show creativity. So if you want to make earn on YouTube, it is better to work with a little experience.

2. Video Quality

According to the rules of YouTube, it is best to have a video of at least 480p. However, I would suggest uploading at least 720p video. The more resolution videos you upload, the higher your video will rank. They usually upload 1080p videos with professional quality YouTube. However, the resolution of the video is not very important. Your content must be unique and workable. Now it’s not just a matter of getting views on your video. Your video needs to have more watchtime. Let’s focus more on YouTube’s Robot Watchtime. So try to make the video content as good as you can.

3. Thumbnails

If you want to get more views on YouTube, you have to look at the thumbnails the most. Thumbnails are a lot like a cover. The better the cover of an object, the better the human eye goes. Now if your content is good but the thumbnail of the video is not good then your created content will not be noticed by any visitor. Those who use computers can create much better thumbnails. However, those who use mobile phones can easily create beautiful thumbnails through an application called “pixellab”. Since thumbnails bring more views to your video, try to make thumbnails as good as you can.

YouTube's Guidelines

4. Tags

Suppose you searched for a video on how to cook meat. Now in the search box you type “how to cook meat”. After searching, many videos came up. Here they have added tags about cooking meat. You need to add similar tags to your videos. Otherwise no one will be able to open your video. If you add nonsensical tags, YouTube can band your channel. So you need to add tags related to your video. You can also generate tags using the “Rapid tag” website.

5. Title

When we search for a video on YouTube, the videos that come up have some information about the video below. This is the title of the video. Now you need to add such titles to your video. You can add the main tag of your video in the form of a hash tag (#) for the title. Then your video will be more likely to get views.

6. Description box

If we click on the title of a video to watch it, then various information about the video appears in front of us. This is the description box. YouTube has a limit of five thousand words in the description box. That means you can write anything in five thousand words. However, most people leave the description box blank or write very little. You can get more views on the video through the description box if you want. You can write the description box according to the following rules.

  • Give some information about your video.
  • If you have a social media account, you can give the link.
  • If any previous video has been uploaded, give three to four links to that video. Then the possibility of getting views in the previous videos also increases.
  • Put all the tags related to the video. If you want you can use a separate section for tagging.
  • Enter the main keyword for your video with a hashtag (#)
  • At the end you can give some policy words.

So far today. I hope to come up with something better next time. Until then, everyone will be fine. And stay with us for more update news.