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Nowadays, those of us who want to buy a new smartphone need a battery with more power. Where we need to use mobile all day. But when we run out of charge after using mobile all day, our busyness does not end. Why is it that our mobile phone has run out of charge? Where due to our busyness in mobile charging, smartphone manufacturers have come up with fast charging facility.

How about Xiaomi’s Latest Fast Charging?

220W  Fast Charging
Xiaomi’s Latest Fast Charging Review

Thanks to the fast charging facility, we are able to charge our smartphone in a very short time. But the current fast charging facility may not be to our liking. Where we want our mobiles to be charged more quickly. Because each of our moments is worth a lot more. Anyway, we want our mobile to be charged fast.

And for this reason, when buying a new mobile phone, we are looking for a mobile with more fast charging facility. And from this demand, smart phone manufacturers are also trying to provide fast charging facility of more watts. This has created a competition between different companies for a kind of fast charging technology. With fast charging technology, we always see a kind of competition among the smart phone manufacturers. And since this competition, the Chinese company Xiaomi has recently demonstrated their most powerful fast charging facility.

Where Xiaomi says, this wired and wireless charging technology they made is going to be a new record in the world. That is, it will be the highest fast charging technology they have ever created. Which is the first so far in the world. That’s why Xiaomi has modified their Mi 11 Pro phone and shown this feature of fast charging as a demo. Where Xiaomi calls this fast charging “hypercharge”. This hyper charge technology from Xiaomi is basically the most powerful charging system of the present time.

Where Xiaomi says, this charger made by them has a capacity of 200 watts. This wired charging system is capable of fully charging a 4000mAh battery in just 8 minutes. On the other hand a wireless charging of 120W where a 4000 mAh battery can be fully charged in 15 minutes. And as a result, it is hoped that this technology will give a new impetus to wireless charging technology. The technology that will bring a new level of charging in the highest and lowest time.

Xiaomi has also shown how to use this technology to charge a 4000mAh battery from 0% charge to 10% charge in 44 seconds. Again where it takes only three minutes to be 50% charge and 8 minutes to fully charged or 100% charged. Which is a lot more than all the other fast charging chargers currently on the market. There is a 125 watt charger with the most powerful or fast charging facility in the current market. The technology that is currently Oppo 125W Super Flash Charge technology.

It takes 20 minutes to charge a 4000 mAh battery with this charger. Currently, it takes only 8 minutes to charge with this charger made by Xiaomi. Which will be the most powerful fast charger facility in the market at present. However, it is not yet known when this hyper charge technology made by Xiaomi will be available in the smartphones of the market. It is hope, however, that this technology will soon roll out to our future Xiaomi smartphones. And when it comes, you will surely see it.

Xiaomi's Latest Fast Charging
Xiaomi’s Latest Fast Charging Review

Where our demand for smartphones is constantly increasing, we will need such fast charging facility in the future. Nowadays we use smartphones all day but we can’t hold that patience when it comes to charging. ‌ And to solve this problem, every smart phone manufacturer among us is bringing fast charging facility. ‌ Where we want our smartphone to charge more quickly. And this demand is going to met in the future.

The phones we use use the fast charging feature, but it may not be so mind-blowing for us. Where we want our smartphone to charged more quickly. Where Xiaomi is bringing a brand new fast charging smartphone with a capacity of 200 watts. Which may meet our needs. Because with this charger we can charge our phone in just 8 minutes.

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