Xiaomi Smart Glasses Features, Specifications and All The Details

Xiaomi Smart Glasses: After Facebook, Xiaomi has entered the world of smart glass. The company announced a new smart glass. With the help of these glasses, customers can do everything from making calls to receiving, from notifications to navigation, road maps, taking pictures. Take a look at the full features of Xiaomi Smart Glasses.

A few days ago, Facebook introduced customers with its smart glass! This time Xiaomi also walked that path. Yes, Xiaomi has announced Smart Glass, a few steps ahead of smartphones. With the company’s new Smart Glass, customers can easily make calls, view messages, make notifications, navigate, take pictures – right in front of their eyes. Today, Xiaomi founder and CEO Leigh Jun announced Xiaomi Smart Glasses in a tweet. The company, on the other hand, shared multiple pieces of information about this new wearable device in a blog post.

Incidentally, the smart glass that Facebook came up with was paired with the popular glasses brand Ray-Ban. However, Xiaomi did not walk that path. The company itself is behind the making of Xiaomi Smart Glasses. And Xiaomi has not teamed up with any other brand to make this smart glass.

Xiaomi Smart Glass Specifications, Features 

This smart glass from Xiaomi weighs only 51 grams. It looks like the kind of glasses or sunglasses we usually see in the market. However, it includes ‘Micro LED Optical Waveguide Imaging Technology’, which allows the customer to see the display right in front of their eyes. Also, this glass has quad-core ARM processor, battery, touchpad, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth modules, Android operating system and some more nice features.

These glasses have a 5MP camera, which allows users to take pictures as well as translate various texts inside the picture. There is an indicator light right next to the camera. As soon as the picture is taken, it will continue to indicate to the customer that it has been done successfully. Facebook Ray-Ban Smart Glass also has such an indicator. However, these two smart glass indicators do not have any augmented reality features. This phone has a built-in dual beamforming microphone and speakers for phone calling. Also, this glass is able to show road maps in front of the customer’s eyes on real time basis.

Xiaomi’s new smart glass will support Micro LED display. Like OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes), Micro LED pixels are able to give the customer a longer lifespan with a very bright display, mature color balance, and higher pixel density. Also, it is able to give a more compact display, which is extremely important for smart glass. However, Micro LED is very expensive. Now let’s see, how much does this smart glass cost Xiaomi!

The display chips are in both glasses of this smart glass, which measures 2.4mm x 2.02mm and their look is a bit like rice. Xiaomi claims that looking at the chips under a microscope will make it look like rice. ‘This smart glass has enough light to go through the more complex optical structures. Even the sunlight will help to penetrate the customer’s eyes in a very sweet way with the help of this smart glass’, said Xiaomi. Also, This smart glass has an ultra-efficient monochrome display solution, which can reach up to 2 million peak brightness.

Xiaomi’s smart glass has a total of 497 components, most notably the miniature sensor and communication module. Not only that. This smart glass can be used as a second screen of any smartphone, according to the company. In addition to navigation, taking pictures, making calls or receiving, it has teleprompter, real time text and photo translation.

This smart glass is offered by Xiaomi’s own Xiaomi AI Assistant. This virtual assistant is used to run conversations with the device in an initial way. However, not all the notifications that you see in front of this glass from your smartphone. Some very important notifications like a message from a useful contact, a smart home alarm, some urgent message from an office app such useful things can see.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses Price and Availability 

No, Xiaomi has not reported any news about him yet. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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