Windows 11 VS Windows 10 | New features, Comparison

Windows 11 VS Windows 10: If you update Windows 11 on October 5, you are going to miss multiple features of Windows 10. Take a look at them.

The stable update release of Windows 11 will start from October 5. Windows 10 customers will receive free new operating system updates. According to the company, customers who are covered by the Windows Insider Program will start receiving Windows 11 stable updates from October 5.

Windows 11 has multiple new features with the Center Allied taskbar. Includes new sound, Microsoft 365 integration and many more features. Windows 11 pre-installed computers will go on sale worldwide from October 5. Windows 11 has many new features including new Start Menu, Snap Layout, Snap Group, Microsoft Teams Integration. Also, the Android app can be run in Windows 11. Microsoft has redesigned Windows 11 completely.

However, after the Windows 11 update, some of the features of Windows 10 can no longer be used. Take a look at these features.

Windows 11 VS Windows 10

Cortana – Cortana, the company’s virtual assistant, is leaving the first boot of Windows 11. This virtual assistant will no longer pin in the taskbar.

Remove desktop wallpaper – Once logged in with a Microsoft account, you can no longer move desktop wallpapers from one device to another.

Internet Explorer – Internet Explorer is finally leaving. This browser can no longer use on Windows 11. The company is adding Microsoft Edge browser instead.

Math Input Panel – Math Recognizer app Math Input Control can be installed if required. This will cause problems with OneNote.

Farewell to Quick Status from Lock screen – This feature has also dropped. Also, Quick Status has dropped from the Associated Settings.

Limited S Mode – S Mode can only use using Windows 11 Home Edition. In this mode all the features of Windows can use with extra protection.

Changing the Snipping Tool – Although the Snipping Tool can use, the user interface is changing. Windows 10’s Snipping Tool will look different from Windows 10’s.

New Start Menu – The first change you notice in Windows 11 is the Start Menu. Groups can no longer create with your own name in the Start menu. Also, pinned apps will not show up in Windows 11 when upgrading from Windows 10. Also, live tiles have dropped from the Start menu.

Dismissal of tablet mode – Previously tablet mode could used to switch directly from desktop mode to tablet mode. Tablet customers to benefit from this feature. Tablet mode is now drop from Windows 11.

Change Taskbar – All Windows computers have a taskbar. There the user can pin the app of their choice. Multiple features of the taskbar are changing. The People tab has dropped from the taskbar. Also, some icons are no longer visible in the system tray. Earlier, the taskbar alignment was on the left, but from now on, the taskbar’s Windows button and pinned app will aligned in the middle.

Excluding Timeline – In Windows 10, what the customer was doing could seen through the timeline. Deleting timeline from Windows 11.

Changes to Touch Keyboards – Touch keyboards with a display size of 18 inches or larger will no longer support keyboard dock and undo layout.

Wallet App – The Wallet app used to store all credit card and pass information in Windows 10. This app is drop from Windows 11.

These are all for today. So, If you have any questions or queries regarding this tune you can ask a question by leaving a single comment in the comment box. Although, you are always welcome to to discuss your problems.

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