Why You Should not Use Free VPN?

Friends, in today’s tutorial I will explain in detail Why You Should not Use Free VPN? It’s a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. We need to know if the free thing is appropriate for our job. You are currently offered two gas stoves. Here is another new old gas stove. Which one will you take?

What is good to see here is not a big deal. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The same is true of VPN. Whether the VPN is free or paid which will provide you better service, you have to sell it.

Every day thousands of people use free VPN. But very few people know about its limitations. Although free VPN authorities provide a lot of help for free. But it also has a lot of flaws. So you need to know, why not use free VPN?

Why some VPN free and some VPN paid?

The best VPN is always committed to give you the best. For example, all types of cyber security are guaranteed, access to blocked websites, keeping your phone safe from malware, etc.

But what if you get all these services for free? However, the service of free VPN is not so cheap.

The problem here is to build a world class VPN organization. No one can provide so many services for free. Those who provide VPN services have to have servers in different parts of the world.

But the companies that have less servers, they provide the service for free by limiting the service. That is, their service is functionally limit. And naturally paid VPN has unlimited features.

Now let’s talk about income. Free VPN authorities steal your browsing data and sell them. They also earn income by showing various ads. Paid VPNs, on the other hand, charge subscribers for subscriptions.

What are the risks of using a free VPN?

1. Browsing data theft.

2. Network access sharing (P2P system).

3. Relatively weak security measures.

4. Ed with harmful malware.

5. As a result, the speed of the intern will be very slow.

1. Browsing data theft:

Most free VPNs steal your browsing data. And sells to advertisers. As a result, you may be affected by various ads. When someone browses your browsing history as a third party, you end up with extreme security vulnerabilities. In this case, your entire browser is likely to hack. So stay away from these free VPNs today.

2. Network access sharing (P2P system) 7

This topic may seem ridiculous, but it is true. In the free VPN apps, you may have seen that the server is showing on there. But do they really have so many servers. No, they pass data from one user to another. That is, they authorize the use of IP B for user named A and IP A for user B. This method is called P2P. There is a type of VPN called Hola VPN who does these things. This can be risky enough for you. It can infect you with malware or DNS.

3. Comparatively very weak security system 6

The security of free VPNs is always weak along with the security system. Their security is also limit and weak due to free VOEN service. If the police want to know something about you, ask your network provider. Then they can easily crack you. Since the security of Free VPN is low, you can be at the door of others at any time.

4. Ad with harmful malware

The best source of income for free VPN service providers is to sell ads. They make money by selling various ads to users. In addition to selling ads, they also provide ads with various malware. If you accidentally click on it, you may be infected by malware or DNS. Then see how risky a free VPN can be. On the other hand, high rated paid VPN ofaex vpn will protect you from harmful ads and block ads created by different websites.

5. Internet Browsing Speed:

When a free VPN cracks your browsing history, you will automatically see some ads. You can see the ad by going to the apps that were supposed to not see the ad. Your internet speed will also slow down due to more and more unwanted ads. It can also damage your device when it becomes a chronic problem.

These are just a few limitations. One thing is clear here, different free VPNs are notorious for various problems. Some slow down and some sell browsing data. That’s why we recommend using paid VPN. So far today. Stay well.

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