Why Can’t We Fly a Plane to Space?

Hello friends, In continuation of bringing regular articles, I have brought a new Article. Today I talk about Why Can’t We Fly a Plane to Space?

More than 1 lakh commercial and non-commercial airplanes fly in the sky all over the world and after landing in the sky, they land somewhere. If we look at this data of airplane lifting, we can understand that airplane is the safest travel system. Because the death rate is much lower when traveling by air. There are very few people who do not like arrow planes. The fun of seeing the world below from the sky is different.

Reasons Why Can’t We Fly a Plane to Space?

Why We can't go to space by airplane
Why Can’t We Fly a Plane to Space?

A question comes to our mind again and again. That is, why Can’t We Fly a Plane to Space ? To find the answer to your question, I am going to discuss with you today in this tune why we cannot go to space with the help of airplanes. But you should also know that there are people on our planet who can go to space with the help of arrow planes. This sounds unrealistic, but you can find out at some point in this article. And to know who that event is, you must watch the tune at the end.

If we talk about aircraft, there are many types of aircraft in the world. These include transport and utility aircraft, fighter jets, helicopters, quadcopters as well as various types of drones and aircraft. But before we know why airplanes can’t go into space, we need to know how airplanes fly in the sky. How the arrow plane flies in the sky, it is not possible to tell in detail in this tune. Yet I am trying to make some kind of effort in this regard.

There are two main things you need to do to get to the sky with the help of airplanes. The first is the long, wide wings of an arrow plane; Which helps the plane to ascend and secondly its heavy and large engines, which power the airplane; That is, the engines that help the airplane move forward. These engines push the arrow plane forward, so that the plane moves forward. And these two things help a plane to fly in the sky. And that’s why the plane can move forward.

So from these things we understand that we need two things in the atmosphere for an airplane to fly in the sky. In addition, the plane needs wings to ascend into the sky, which keeps the plane floating in the sky. And secondly, oxygen need, which is able to power the airplane by burning the engine fuel of the aero plane. Both of these things are present in the atmosphere of our atmosphere to run a plane.

The altitude of each plane determine in advance. That is, how high the plane can go determine in advance. Most passenger planes can fly up to 45,000 feet, or about 13 kilometers. But there are some corporate Z, planes that can climb up to 51,000 feet. But the question that may come to our mind is, can’t we go beyond this?

To find the answer to this question, we must first know the atmosphere. The atmosphere near the earth’s surface is much denser. But as soon as we begin to rise above the earth’s surface, our atmosphere begins to thin. And the reason for this is probably know to all, the gravitational force near the surface of the earth is much higher and the gravitational force will gradually decrease as we start to move upwards. And this is why the atmosphere will slowly begin to thin.

Since the atmospheric air layers are at the bottom due to the force of gravity, the thinner atmosphere, that is, the density of the air, will be much lower if it continues to rise. If the density of air decreases there, the level of oxygen there will also decrease, which is normal. The higher you go, the lower the oxygen level. Since the air density will be lower at higher altitudes, the air pressure in the arrow plane will be much lower. So, it would be more difficult, or almost impossible, to move the arrow plane upwards.

And since the amount of oxygen here will be much less, it will be much harder to burn the fuel inside the engine. Because oxygen is needed to burn the fuel inside the engine. Therefore the power of the engine will also decrease and it will not be able to stay right in the air for this reason. Because where the air density is very low and there is no need to say that the plane will not have any work. As a result, the plane will move down again.

Karman Line; It is an invisible boundary that separates our Earth’s atmosphere and space. It is assumed that there is an imaginary line 100 km above the earth, and above this boundary, that is, 100 km above the earth, we enter space. This is where the thermosphere begins after the end of this imaginary boundary. That is, 3 lakh 26 thousand 84 feet above the sea level. Can’t even get close to a commercial airplane.

But there are some special types of planes that have gone over the border. On August 31, 1968, Aleksandr Fedotov, a Soviet pilot, took a Russian MiG-25 airplane to a historic height. Annie flew at an altitude of 36,750 meters above sea level, that is, about 38 kilometers. Which is the highest height of any take-off plane in the world.

But only one-third of the height and Karman Line. To fly at this height, pilots have to wear a special type of suit; Which is called G-suit. And this G-suit has an oxygen mask. Since there is a shortage of oxygen at such an altitude of the atmosphere, it is necessary to carry oxygen from here to reach that altitude.

1963 Joseph Albert Walker, an American pilot; Who made three flights. He also crossed the Karman Line with the help of two X-15 Flight 90 and X-15 Flight 91. When the flight was made in 1983, he took the flight at an altitude of 108 km. And then the X-15 Flight 91, which was launched on August 22, 1983. This time he was able to climb up to an altitude of 106 km.

The X-15 was an experimental plane; Which was jointly operated by NASA and the USA Air Force. The X-15 was a specially designed plane. It could not take-off from any runway. To fly in the sky, they were taken to the middle of the sky by another plane and released. The X-15 was fitted with a rocket engine instead of a fighter jet.

 Why We can't fly a plane to space
Why Can’t We Fly a Plane to Space?

So, you realize that no ordinary plane is capable of understanding so much altitude. Because in order for a plane to reach such a height, it has to rely entirely on the atmosphere. Because the air needed to run the airplane and this air is in the atmosphere layer. And that’s why the plane can’t rise above the atmosphere.

But then how does a rocket cross the Earth’s atmosphere without the help of the atmosphere, that is, without the oxygen level? Where there is no oxygen in the next layer of the atmosphere. This is why rockets can enter space, because the oxygen need to burn fuel in a rocket engine is also store there. Therefore, there is no need for oxygen in the atmosphere to burn rocket fuel. Therefore, they are able to travel in the atmosphere without any difficulty.

The weight of the rocket is much higher when it carries fuel and oxygen. And that’s why even outside the atmosphere, rockets can burn fuel. However, in the case of airplanes, this facility does not have airplanes can not fly over this limit. Because airplanes will definitely need air to run. And for the atmosphere, the plane floats in the sky with the help of wings.

Air need to propel the airplane forward. Where the airplane’s compressor pushes the front air back too hard to push itself forward. And if there is no air at that level, the plane will not be able to land there. If a plane has to go through the air, it has to fit with a rocket engine and oxygen. And only then can an airplane go into space.

But then it can no longer be called an airplane. Because airplanes are those that are only at the level of the atmosphere. If a plane goes beyond the atmosphere, it will be a rocket. And to penetrate the atmosphere, you have to put a rocket engine in that airplane. Only then can you travel to space.

This time, however, we understood why Can’t We Fly a Plane to Space . Where an airplane does not have to go to the boundaries of space with these winged and winged planes. The airplanes we travel on are airborne. Since there is no oxygen and no air in space, it is not possible to fly a plane there. And that’s why it’s not possible to fly airplanes there.

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