What is VPN? How it works? VPN from Beginning to End

VPN – Virtual Private Network. Someone who has not heard the name may be found less. Simply put, when Facebook or other app was shut down, the app or software we used to run Facebook or other app was a VPN or a virtual private network.

Isn’t it easy? In a word, we understood what is VPN.

Well! So, Now don’t you want to know, is VPN really something that even after calling a press conference and shutting down Facebook, ordinary people can bypass the government law in Dedarse? Another question that may be on my mind is, is it valid?

What is VPN? How does it work? ”In this article, we will discuss all these issues of VPN.

What is VPN?

VPN from Beginning to End

Let’s first see what content will be discussed in this article.


  • What is VPN or Virtual Private Network?
  • How does VPN actually work?
  • Why do you need a VPN?
  • What can VPN protect you about?
  • How does VPN protect Internet IP?
  • Does VPN leak our information?
  • How to use VPN safely?
  • How to choose a VPN?
  • What are the servers & How many servers does a VPN have?
  • What is the price of a VPN?
  • Is it safe to use a free VPN?
  • Why Free VPN Free?
  • Does VPN save logs or history?
  • Do VPN providers save log files?
  • What is VPN or Virtual Private Network?

In the language of technology, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a medium that, as soon as you use it, covers the Internet you use through a tunnel in some encrypted layer. And then you will be able to travel to almost all the websites of the world with this covered internet, and on this trip no one will be able to know where you came from, what is the identity of your internet operator or your device.

Isn’t that fun? Yes. VPN is really a funny thing.

In computer science terms, a VPN would be like, “A VPN is an encrypted virtual network that will allow you to create a private network while maintaining the security and privacy of your current Internet connection online. Where your used IP address and all your activities on the Internet will be completely confidential. ”

How does VPN actually work?

VPN from Beginning to End

When you connect your internet to a VPN server, a lot of things happen instantly, which we may not be able to see with the naked eye.

Covers your internet with a secret cover. It takes a lot of time and talent to open these layers. Moreover, there are some VPNs that change this layer after a certain period of time and cover it with new layers. As a result, the person or organization that wants to break this secret layer of yours will get worse. Because he will not have the power to penetrate this secret layer. And even if it wants to, it will need technology like supercomputers. And with a bunch of hackers. Although This made it impossible to understand who you are talking to or where you are giving your password or how you are using your net.

Now let’s not know what is in this secret layer that has made your internet so powerful?

In fact, to put it simply, Internet IPs of different countries strengthen your layers. Suppose you are sitting in New York, and in VPN you have assigned an IP from Singapore to your network. You are sitting in New York, but if you wander the internet now, they will think you are Singapore. I hope it’s clear. So, If you have a problem, please tell us about your problem in the comments.

Why do you need a VPN?

So, If I ask this question like this, why should I use VPN? Do I or my organization need a VPN? I am a good person, my organization is a good organization. What do we do with VPN?

In fact, think a little differently about what you have read so far. Suppose you are a very kind and ideal person. And in your life you have not done akam kukam. So why do you need a VPN?

That’s why you need a VPN first, but if you think someone is monitoring the internet you’re using. You may be talking to someone in your family on a video call. So do you want any thief outside to know or see this message of yours? Suppose you are holding a virtual meeting in your company. The President of the United States is involved in the meeting. So do you want anyone to leak this meeting?

If the answer is no. So what do you think?

“I will use VPN in Eyes” – something like that?

So let’s say. Yeah All that sounds pretty crap to me.

But the question is? Will I get net protection if I use this VPN?

In fact, it takes a lot of work to secure your network, but VPN is one of the big points. And VPN means that the IP or server of another country is not. You can also create a secret VPN on your own network and use it from Uganda if you want.

What can VPN protect you about?

1. Will protect your internet activities.

2. Your email will protect your password or communication.

3. Will protect your transactions or banking system.

4. Protects your network from hackers.

5. Will protect you Anonymous or your identity.

6. Keep online shopping or any kind of activity safe.

My guess is that this little knowledge of mine has enabled you to understand why VPN is actually needed.

How does VPN protect Internet IP?

You already know that VPN creates a layer, and this layer means your network. Suppose you are using the net with SIM. So, the network of your SIM is connected to a different network. Suppose your cousin lives in America. That parato is connected to the brother’s network. And this of your SIM makes the net of that parato brother’s office with one click. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most delusional. Who is coming from America to download the movie. Look how popular we are. We also have acquaintances in America. ”

So the net of your own SIM is completely protected by the owner of that movie website.

Is VPN really safe?

Does VPN leak our information?

Another question that comes to mind here? Well, I am using the SIM’s net to run my brother’s net, will the operator of the SIM know?

The straightforward answer is, 100%! Will know.

But There is a but here. But the question is, will the SIM operator know that you have just downloaded a movie to your computer?

The straightforward answer is, 0%! No. Can’t


Because, does the owner of SIM have access to that internet operator of your cousin in America?

What do you say? However, if the operator shows greed to your cousin, will you show me what your nephew is doing using your net?

See. I gave a very simple example. To understand you, let’s go to the reality.

Suppose you bought a VPN, NORD or HOTSPOT SHIELD then what do you think, this time your SIM operator can see your data from NORD or HOTSPOT SHIELD with money?

Let the question keep revolving in my head. So, Now if the Queen of England wants, can she?

The answer will actually be, maybe.

How to use VPN safely?

What is the benefit of using it? If you see the benefits, then read the article again. And think. Have you become such that the Queen of England will be sitting behind you? And why talk so far? If so, I’d say you’re definitely Mark Zuckerberg’s girlfriend or boyfriend.

Well. Now suppose you are close to Mark Zuckerberg. So how do you protect your internet from the Queen of Britain now?

God! I am fortunate to be imparting knowledge to people close to Mark Zuckerberg. Ehem. Ehem.

You can use two systems to use VPN securely.

1. You can tell Zucker to build your own encrypted tunnel or you can build your own. You don’t count NORD FORD.

2. You can create your own VPN with 10,000 proxies following a system like TOR. Where every minute or every certain time your IP will change alone. Then no one has the power to go through so many billions of IPs in the world, to see what you have done when and where.

How to choose a VPN?

Suppose you don’t want to build your own tunnel with so many paragraphs or you don’t want to build your own VPN with 10,000 IPs like TOR. You want to put it simply, someone will give you a fake VPN, and there will already be thousands of IPs from different countries.

So let’s take a look at some of the most popular VPNs right now. And don’t know how to choose the VPN of your choice in the crowd of so many VPNs.

A company like NORD, Tunner Bear, etc. has created a VPN for doing business. So what will be their first target?

Customer Satisfaction? Right?

Yes. A good and reputed VPN company is one that will meet all the needs of the customer. Customer data should not be leaked, the president of any country, whether he is the president of Russia or the United States, the company that is not sold to them. Neither the FBI nor the NSI cares. Aren’t they reputed companies?

So let’s see if there are any VPN companies that are so reputed. It is difficult to say whether it is actually reported or not. However, they say they are reputed. Many people also talk about them.

1. Norton Secure

2. PureVPN

3. PVanish

4. CyberGhost

5. Hotspot Shield

6. VyprVPN

7. Private Internet Access

8. StrongVPN

9. Surfshark

10. NordVPN

11. ExpressVPN

12. TorGuard


14. Safer

15. HMA

16. Tunnel Bear

Well then we found out these 16 are very good quality VPN providers. In fact, there are many more good ones in the market. However, everyone’s name can not be taken. I spoke to those who are first on the list.

What are the servers & how many servers does a VPN have?

Well, let’s not know how many servers they have. With a proxy, VPN is no more. Isn’t it?

1. Norton Secure – 2,000+ servers

2. PureVPN – 2,000+ servers

3. IPVanish – 1,500+ servers

4. CyberGhost – 6,600+ servers

5. Hotspot Shield – 3,200+ servers

6. VyprVPN – 700+ servers

7. Private Internet Access – 12,011+ servers

8. StrongVPN – 950+ servers

9. Surfshark – 1,700+ servers

10. NordVPN – 5,465 servers

11. ExpressVPN – 3,000+ servers

12. TorGuard – 3,000+ servers

13. – 100+ servers

14. Safer – 1,300+ servers

15. HMA – 1,100+ servers

16. Tunnel Bear – 1,800 servers

Wow! I came to know something about it through an article.

Well there was another question. They are providing these services, FBI, NSI is also giving thumbs up to the safety of the people. Are these giants like Haji Mohammad Mohsin? Don’t take money?

The answer is They do brother business. But They believe in giving away money. Although They do not give for free.

Well done. So what do you need to know a little price?

VPN from Beginning to End

What is the price of a VPN?

1. Norton Secure VPN – Pay per month: $ 4.99

2. PureVPN – Pay per month: $ 10.95

3. PVanish – Pay per month: $ 11.99

4. CyberGhost – Pay $12.99 per month

5. Hotspot Shield – $12.99 per month

6. VyprVPN – Pay per month: $ 12.95

7. Private Internet Access – $9.95 per month

8. StrongVPN – Pay $10 per month

9. Surfshark – Pay per month: $ 12.95

10. NordVPN – Pay per month: $ 11.95

11. ExpressVPN – Pay per month: .9 12.95

12. TorGuard – $9.99 per month

13. – Pay $12.99 per month

14. Safer VPN – Pay per month $12.95

15. HMA – Pay per year $ 59.88

16. Tunnel Bear – $9.99 per month

Is it safe to use a free VPN?

Various free VPNs are available on the internet. But How logical is it to use them and What kind of security will the free ones give?

Many people think this question is normal. But I hope you understand the answer, where there is a risk of buying things with money, will you give something good for free? Or how do they do it for free? They do not need money?

Why Free VPN Free?

I don’t know if you will believe. However, those who provide free VPN earn more than paid VPN.


You will be shocked to hear how. First comes their huge income, sells data. They sell user data to various organizations. These cells are at a very high price.

And secondly, they earn money by showing Ed.

However, there are some VPNs, which may not leak data, but give different trials, such as you can use 1 month or 7 days maximum, with a limitation. But there is also risk. Free has only a few specific IPs, all those who are free crazy use those specific IPs. In the midst of this madness, a hacker sat in the tunnel and put a sniper, and your data was seen by a third party. Again, the big problem with free VPN is that everyone uses a specific IP, so the speed is reduced. You have to look at the loading icon of the buffering for a long time. When the extra visitors are in one proxy, there is no way without waiting.

So, now it’s your decision.

Does VPN save logs or history?

Now let’s come to a different context. Suppose you are currently reading this article using Google Chrome. So some of the history of our proverbial blog will be saved in your Google Chrome browser, right?

Well. So do the VPNs we use also save our internet data or what we call log files? Because if we save, we know that there is a possibility to sell them. Isn’t it?

Well. The funny thing here is, no. The proverbial blog “What is VPN? How does it work?”The 16 VPNs we discussed in this article, they say, they do not save any user’s log file or history. Let’s look at a list.

Do VPN providers save log files?

1. Norton Secure VPN – No. Does not keep.

2. PureVPN – No. Does not keep.

3. IPVanish – No. Does not keep.

4. CyberGhost – No. Does not keep.

5. Hotspot Shield – No. Does not keep.

6. VyprVPN – No. Does not keep.

7. Private Internet Access – No. Does not keep.

8. StrongVPN – No. Does not keep.

9. Surfshark – No. Does not keep.

10. NordVPN – No. Does not keep.

11. ExpressVPN – No. Does not keep.

12. TorGuard – No. Does not keep.

13. – Yes. Puts.

14. Safer VPN – No. Does not keep.

15. HMA – No. Does not keep.

16. Tunnel Bear – No. Does not keep.

It turns out that 15 of our 16 lists don’t save log files. Only How do they log? We don’t go that way. We can boycott Encrypt. But that is different. I will say another day.

The Article has become much larger. However, I have tried to explain to you in as simple a language as possible. So, If you like a little bit of my little brainwriting, please share this article with your acquaintances.

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