What is Password Manager and Password Manager’s Job

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Password Manager is a secure digital locker, where all your online login information will store. To be safe on the Internet we should use different passwords in different cases. If your Facebook password, Gmail password, and bank information are the same, your security could be compromised by hackers at any time. If such a password is leak, the rest will go to them. This is why you should ensure the use of unique and different passwords in each case. Normally people can’t remember a lot of usernames, passwords, so the password manager does the job of remembering this.

What is Password Manager?

Password Manager is a type of software design to store login information online or offline. When users save passwords to specific websites, they come to the fore when logging in. You can save passwords for more than 20 accounts using the password manager.

If you have a password manager, you don’t have to remember the password for each account, you just have to remember a master password for the password manager.

Another advantage of the password manager is that it allows you to create secure passwords that are almost impossible to crack. Some password managers can also protect you from phishing. The password manager will give you a warning when you want to login to a phishing website.


Advantages of Password Manager

Needless to say, the password manager will ensure maximum security of your login details. Plus, when you’re not around, people close to you will be able to close your social media accounts with access to this password manager. Family members will have the opportunity to use your credit card information, login details of different banks, etc. for different needs.

How Password Manager works

Password Manager is a kind of online vault where your passwords will be stored and accessed with a single master password. In addition, users can add fingerprint security to increase security. So how secure the password manager is will depend on how strong the security you are providing.

Local or Cloud Password Manager

Password managers can be of two types, local or cloud. Local password managers will install offline on your device. Will save your passwords with special encryption. The advantage of this is that since it will be saved offline, hackers will not have access to it in any way.

However, the problem is that you do not have access to the password on other devices, you have to use the password from the original device every time. The big problem is that all the data can lost if your hard disk crashes.

On the other hand, all the information of the cloud based password manager is stored in the cloud. The big advantage is that access can be taken from any device at any time. And for this reason, cloud-based password managers are now more popular.

When it comes to security, most password managers use the 256-bit AES protocol for encryption and decryption. And this is one of the most secure protocols of our time. Although many password managers use the AES 128-bit protocol, (which is a bit weak), it is also sufficient to repel any Brute-Force attack.

Different premium quality password managers can ensure maximum security of users using more advanced quality security such as XChaCha20. Nord Pass Password Manager uses XChaCha20 security.

Which is the best password manager?

Some of the popular names for the current premium and free password managers are NordPass, KeePass, LastPass, and 1 Password. There are multiple good quality password managers to use for free. Such as LastPass, the most popular free password manager to date.

Last Pass has made some changes in recent times. Such as not being able to use more than one device in the free version now. Users must have a family account or a premium account to use on multiple devices.

Maybe a person can remember the passwords of 10 or 20 accounts, but if it is more than that, it is difficult to read. And only the password manager can solve such problems. The password manager not only reminds users of their passwords, but also adds multiple security measures.

So, these are the information about What is Password Manager and Password Manager’s Job? That’s all for today. Stay well until the next tune.


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