What is LSD? What Does LSD Look Like…

Hello everyone, Nowadays you may hear the name of a drug in the media. You may or may not have guessed the horrors of drugs in the media. In today’s article you can find detailed information about What is LSD? What Does it Look Like?

It is a type of drug that makes people forget the difference between the real and the unreal. LSD is basically a type of acid. The full form of LSD is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. Recently, the effects of LSD in Bangladesh have led to widespread discussion of this horrific drug in the wake of the death of a university youth. However, although this drug is new in Bangladesh, this drug is not new in the world.

Friends, through this article we will know about What is LSD? What Does it Look Like? We hope you find out more about LSD drugs through this article. For this, you must watch the complete article.

What is LSD?

This lysergic acid produced in the body of a special type of fungus that grows on rye grains. LSD is made by the chemical synthesis of that acid. The first LSD made in 1938 by the Swiss chemist Albert Hoffmann. But five years later, in 1943, he learned about the psychedelic properties of LSD. Albert Hoffman unknowingly developed this powerful drug while researching a drug to improve blood pressure and respiration.

What Does LSD Look Like?
What is LSD?

“LSD did not invented by me, but LSD found me,” said Albert Hoffman. In the 1950s and 1960s, it used experimentally in the treatment of mental illness, depression, and anxiety. In 1971, the United Nations banned its use for medical purposes. LSD or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is so harmful that the amount of this drug calculate in micrograms. In other words, if this drug take in microgram amount, it becomes intoxicating. One micro gram is one millionth of a gram.

Usually the dose of an LSD drug can range from 50 to 500 micrograms. Which is one tenth of the house of the same sand. This means that even if you take such a small amount of LSD, anyone can be intoxicated. Now you must understand how much effect this LSD drug has. Where a little bit of LSD is going to be intoxicating.

The drug sell as LSD or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide blotter paper. LSD is consumed by placing this paper above or below the tongue. And you may have already seen some such pictures in the media, where there are some paper pictures. These papers are basically Blatter papers. On top of which a small amount of LED material give. However, this amount of LSD and a person is capable of intoxication.

After taking LSD or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide affects the activity of a chemical called serotonin in the human brain. As a result, human hearing and vision become very active. This is why people get to see strange light and hear sound after consuming LSD. After using LSD, someone again hears unusual sounds, words that do not really exist. This condition is called LSD Trip.

People behave abnormally while on an LSD trip. Where suicidal tendencies can also notice among many. This kind of bad feeling is called Bad Trip. And because of the Bad Trip, people have unreasonable fears, instantaneous anxiety, panic, and a tendency to harm themselves and others. LSD also causes an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and body temperature.

Trips begin within half an hour of taking LSD or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. Depending on the individual, it lasts from 8 to 12 hours. However, depending on the level of consumption, this time can be up to 20 hours. Many experience extreme insomnia after taking LSD. Some sleep extra again. People with depression may experience more depression after taking LSD.

In addition, after taking it, some people think that his body has lost a lot of human energy. Such incidents can lead to many accidents. After taking this drug, since the human brain is no longer working normally, people do whatever they want. As a result of this drug, people think that they may have lost a lot of human energy and they will be able to do this. After using this drug, since man forgets the difference between real and unreal, he can do whatever he wants. Such as jumping out of the house, hurting yourself – etc.

The effects of LSD or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide cause people to suffer from extreme depression. This is because at that time people see things that do not exist and hear things that do not exist. In fact, people spend their time in a kind of dream. In dreams such people have no control; There is no serial between dreaming and seeing what a person wants. In other words, in a dream he suddenly went to a place and after a while he saw you at home again.

Where everything is upside down. Inside the dream you see places that may not actually be in front of your eyes and do things that are not possible in reality. This is exactly the situation that people who take LSD face. They don’t realize at the time that they are in real life or in a dream world. And the accident happened from here.

Experts believe that in most cases, people do not take LSD as the first drug. This means that those who are addict to other drugs tend to take LSD. No ordinary person is suddenly interest in taking this drug. If he has been interested or addicted to any other drug in the past, that person may become addicted to this drug. However, in some cases it may be different.

LSD is relatively less addictive than heroin or yaba. So it is not safe at all. It is a thousand times stronger than conventional drugs. Because after taking this drug, man loses control of himself and he forgets the real-unreal difference. People who suffer from depression after taking this drug suffer from more depression.

The reason why a person suffers from more depression after taking LSD is that the person may see all the things that can be horrible for him after taking this drug. Besides, he can get the feeling of all the words, which are much more frightening to hear for him. And at this time he can’t get out of that world even if he wants to. This is why he may suddenly become frightened and suffer from depression.

The most frightening aspect of using LSD is Flashback; That is, the effects of LSD can go away without taking the drug for a few days, months, or even years after taking LSD. This is called Flashback of LSD. Flashback after taking LSD can cause mental problems. Many people forget the difference between real and unreal. That is, taking LSD only once in a lifetime can have a lifelong effect.

If LSD is taken once in a lifetime, the person may be in danger at some point in the future due to its effects. All of a sudden a person can become mentally ill as a result. So that many people forget the difference between real and unreal at some point in their lives. Which interferes with a person’s normal life.

Just because a drug is so horrible does not mean that it can take without it. No drug can use against us. At least think about yourself. In almost all cases, friends are responsible for taking the drug for the first time. In the case of early drug use, they may or may not allow you to eat for free. Because if you are asked to eat with money at this time, you may not be accustomed to that drug.

Where the first drug seen in our society is smoking. Which in turn makes him addicted to other drugs. The story behind the addiction of yaba and phencidyl starts with smoking. Maybe at first in many ways I only eat to have fun with friends. But he may not have realized then that this decision was wrong.

What Does LSD Look Like?
What is LSD?

If you smoke now, try to remember that at first you may have smoked a few days or a few months later in a chat with friends. But now you smoke cigarettes every day. Which has become like a daily companion to you now. You can’t give up that addiction even if you want to now. But when you were intoxicated at first, you didn’t feel like you were intoxicated.

However, at present it does not work unless you are intoxicate. And you may have been to blame for this intoxication. The people you hang out with have encouraged you to get drunk. But now they not pay you to get drunk. In the case of intoxication, there will be two times your financial loss and physical loss. There was no benefit to you from the middle.

So far we have probably been unaware of this terrible drug LSD. It is amazing to think that a drug that calculate in micrograms is so harmful to humans. Even though the amount is less, but its effect is not less at all. Which is enough to make a man deranged and to kill. – Drugs, whatever they may be, are extremely harmful and religiously forbidden.

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