What is Deepfake Video and How Does It Work?

How are you all friends? I hope you are all very well by the grace of God. As always, I have come today with a new tune for you. Today I will discuss about What is Deepfake Video and How Does It Work? I hope you will like today’s tune as always. For this you must be patient and watch the whole tune carefully.

Many of you may have heard the name Deepfake video. But you may not know the details yet. Today I am going to tell you What is Deepfake Video and How Does It Work, why is Deepfeck Video Dangerous and how do you know who is Deepfeck Video? By watching this tune in full, you will be able to get a detailed idea about Deepfake video. Therefore, you must watch the tune completely.

What is Deepfake Video?

Deepfake Video and it's work
What is Deepfake Video and How Does It Work?

So far, you may have seen that in one photo, one person’s picture can cut out and another person’s picture can attach. Where you may have tried this issue through different apps. And it has become a common thing for us and anyone can cut out someone’s picture and put it on someone else’s head if they want. Where that picture seems to be a true picture. And in this way we enjoy ourselves by attaching pictures of each other.

But now it is possible to put one’s head on another person’s head in a photo as well as a video. Where one’s body is attach to another’s face. And looking there, it seems that the man is talking. And here you can’t tell by looking at that video that this video is a fake‌ or deepfake video. For example, if we cut off the head of one person and put it on the head of another person by editing a photo, no one will understand.

In that case, if that person is a stranger to you, then there is no point. Where a person’s picture place on another person’s head, it is impossible to catch that picture is fake. And this is how Deepfake video is make. Where the whole video is a fake video instead of a picture. Now you must understand what a deepfake video is. Deepfake video is a fake video just like the real one.

How is Deepfake Video make?

Deepfake Video and it's work
What is Deepfake Video and How Does It Work?

Deepfake video is a video that cannot understand with the naked eye. it is fake; But in fact it is a false video. Because here, starting from the movement of the lips, all the body postures and human shadows are also imitate. And artificial intelligence or deep learning is use for these. So, this word Deepfake is Deep learning; Which is a part of Artificial Intelligence, and comes from the word Face. Where even though a video is fake it looks and feels real.

Where many complex algorithms are use to make deepfake videos. Which itself learns from its own mistakes; This means that the more these AIs are use, the better the results will be. Where false programs are create using that program, subsequent videos will create more accurately and subtly. In other words, the next videos will be more difficult to catch whether it is real or fake. And as time goes on, that DeepFake program will correct its mistakes and become more intelligent later.

And nowadays anyone who has a computer and internet can make fake videos. ‌And there are many applications and websites for this. You have to count the money to use each of them. And by using it, anyone can copy anyone’s video. Anyone can run a bad campaign about someone. However, it is completely illegal and illegal.

Most Deepfake videos are make through the Generative Adversarial Network (GANs). Of which two machine learning models work. One of them is Generator and the other is Discriminator. In the program you use to make a deepfake video, after inserting a picture or video in it, the Generator analyzes them and creates a duplicate video based on them.

On the other hand, another ML model discriminator tries to catch that video. If the Discriminator sees any flaws in the video, it sends them back to the Generator and identifies where they are wrong; So that he can correct it again. And the more accurately the generator will create the video, the better the discriminator will try to catch the mistake. And this process will continue until a perfect video make. Much of which depends on your imported data.

What is Deepfake Video and How Does It Work?

The more data you give to that program, the more analysis it will give you as a good video gift. One of the most popular for PC is Deepfake Faceapp and Zao app for Android. With the help of which you can also make deepfake videos if you want. But it’s not like making a full-fledged deepfake video. There are some video templates where you can create a video using your image.

However, the programs that make Deepfake videos are very accurately out of reach of the public. Who use these programs to carry out various illegal activities and criminal activities. You can also create a deepfake video matching your photo with the mobile app mentioned above. It will be just a few seconds. But you can try it here and see what Deepfake video looks like.

Why is Deepfake Video so dangerous?

Deepfake Video and it's work
What is Deepfake Video and How Does It Work?

As we have heard or seen so far, when a technology invent, it has some pros and cons. Where one technology may have more good aspects and less bad aspects, some of them may have more bad aspects and some have very good aspects. However, there is nothing to say about the benefits or good aspects of deepfake video. Where Deepfake video does nothing to benefit people, rather it makes the lives of many people miserable. Where people cannot expect any benefit from this technology without its harm.

Some celebrities, politicians or artists are more likely to encounter Deepfake videos. But now celebrities and politicians are being victimized by many people besides them. This is by far the worst aspect of Deepfake video. Where many compare it to the digital age nuclear bomb. Where it is as damaging to human life as the damage of an atomic bomb.

We believe in what we see from childhood. And if that is a fake, then you can convince that it is not true. So you have to be careful first. Don’t blindly believe the things you think about on the internet. Facebook and Microsoft are creating AI so that Deepfake videos can identify. However, at present we have no way of knowing which is the real video and which is the fake video.

It is also possible to convince you through Deepfake video that the video is not true. Where it is possible to fool you very easily. Although Deepfake is currently use more in video pornography. Where videos of different celebrities or facial expressions attache to pornography videos. It’s not just a video that can make through Deepfake video.

It is possible to duplicate anything from a picture to someone’s voice through DeepFake. That’s why deepfake videos are even more dangerous. Deepfake videos can be the biggest influence in creating pornography. Where a celebrity may have to write his name in the book without acting in pornography. Where one can copy his picture through Dipfek and put it in the pornography video.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Where his life will be absolutely miserable. Current Deepfake videos are most commonly used to create pornography. Where various celebrities are constantly being targeted in making videos with new actresses. ‌ Only celebrities are not becoming their target here.

On the contrary, ordinary people are facing Dipfek video. Where many images are collected from the internet, they are being used to create pornography. There are currently many allegations of making deepfeck videos using someone’s picture to create pornography. Where the person is known to the society as a bad person. ‌And all this is due to DeepFac technology.

It’s not just celebrities and people who are victims of pornography because of Deepfake videos. On the contrary, one can be a victim of revenge of a politician and another party through Deepfake video. That is why a kind of instability can be created in the political arena in any country. Besides, if a false video is made by a person, it will not be of any use to anyone. Rather, it will do more harm than good to the people.

But the benefits or the good side of deepfeck video is that it works to make a video of a dead person. Where a fake video can be made in the form of the death of an artist or a person. Where there is no way to understand it is actually a fake video or picture. In this way, if another person’s picture is copied, there is no way to understand it. Because the voice of Deepfake video is according to that person.

It is very difficult to identify a person in Deepfake video because the video and voice are the same. Where it is difficult to verify the authenticity of such videos without an expert. Now you must understand how much Deepfake video can affect people’s lives. Where we currently believe any video we see, if we watch any such video, we may believe it too. Where we will be confused and that person will be the victim of deception.

How to recognize Deepfake video?

What is Deepfake Video and How Does It Work?

Currently Deepfake video is in a very general stage. However, in the future, it is becoming very difficult to catch deepfake videos. However, today’s experts who are making deepfake videos, it is becoming very difficult to catch duplicates of their videos. Where we currently have no way to understand with the naked eye this video is real or fake. However, in the middle of a video, we can notice the discrepancy of facial movements with words, blurring of the neck and forehead.

The quality of deepfake video will continue to improve as the days go by. Where day by day it will become more and more difficult to identify deepfake videos. Because the software of Deepfek Video corrects its mistakes day by day and gives the next output accordingly. Where artificial intelligence is used in deepfake videos.

Every technology has its pros and cons. However, the technology that we use, the technology has a lot of good aspects. Where in today’s technology Artificial Intelligence has made our life much easier and more beautiful. And in this Artificial Intelligence later Deepfake video. Where Deepfake video is done through the use of complete artificial intelligence. However, the use of artificial intelligence in Deepfake videos makes our lives more miserable than ever.

However, this technology of DeepFake Video cannot be ruled out at present. But we should have awareness and moral values. Don’t blindly believe everything you see. Do your own research on that video and consider what is true and what is false. Believe in something unrealistic by judging and analyzing yourself.

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