What is A Hashtag and How to Use Hashtags?

What is A Hashtag and How to Use Hashtags? Hashtags are a familiar subject to all of us. We often use hashtags through various social media, but the actual use of hashtags is unknown to all of us. So let’s not know what hashtags are today. How to use hashtags?

What is a Hashtag? 

A word or phrase is call a hashtag before a hash sign (#) used on social media websites, applications, especially Twitter, to specifically identify the content of a particular word or phrase.

We often see many people on social media #happy #sad #covid_19 #HSC #Bangladesh #USA etc. Hashtags are words or phrases with a ‘#’ sign.

How did the hashtag come about?

Let’s know a little history about hashtags. This hashtag was first used on Twitter on August 13, 2007. It was discovered by a man named Chris Messina.

How do Hashtags Work?

The idea was that if I posted or wrote something, certain people would see it.

No one else will see it; Basically, it works like a Facebook group. Hashtags work like this.

How to use hashtags? Use of hashtags

Most of us who use hashtags don’t know how to use hashtags; Again, those of us who do not know the actual use of this hashtag actually use the hashtag to highlight the text.

When you write on Facebook, it is basically black. But everyone uses hashtags to highlight that text and make it blue; And hashtags don’t work with space, so they use underscores; But this is not the actual use of hashtags.

To give an example, let’s say something about football is posted below by writing #football. Then it will not only be a highlight but it will also become a link.

Now if you click on this hashtag then all the posts posted using such hashtag will show on one page.

All the posts can see at once. Many people think it is a search again. It’s not actually a search, it’s a tag; If the hashtag use it will show everything similar.

For example: any movement, any protest etc. If you use more than the same hashtag, they are trending; the posts show up. This hashtag is used by mentioning something.

Why are hashtags used?

If this hashtag use, it will show who else posted the same thing together; Hashtags are basically use to get things together. Therefore, hashtags should used only when necessary without knowing where to use the hashtag.