What Does CAPTCHA Mean and how CAPTCHA work?

How are you all friends I hope you are all very well by the grace of God. As always, I have come up with another new article for you. When it comes to doing different things online, a common thing comes before us to test ourselves as human beings. Today we know about What Does CAPTCHA Mean and how CAPTCHA work?

You may or may not have encountered this problem many times. Where you have to test yourself as a person if you want to submit a job. That is, different websites have the “I’m not a robot” option and where you click the following steps to tell them that you are not a robot. If you want to buy something online or sign up, you have to tick here. Many people wonder why this extra hassle was needed.

Google is the inventor of this I’m not a robot. Google’s name is reCaptcha. Now in this article I will discuss whether this extra hassle is of any use to us and why or why we have to go through this kind of tick mark. Also we tick that there and how do they understand that we are human or robot? So let’s know the beginning and the end.

History of reCaptcha created by Google

If we want to know the history of Google’s reCaptcha, we have to go back to 1998. When this Captcha was first discovered. Although it renamed in 2003. The full form of Captcha is, Completely Automated Public Burning Test to tell Computer and Humans Apart; Although its full form is very long but there is a lot or a lot of information hidden in it. A man named Luis Von Ahn invented this captcha.

What Does CAPTCHA Mean and how CAPTCHA work?
What Does CAPTCHA Mean and how CAPTCHA work?

Captcha is use to avoid spam. In 1998, thousands of e-mail addresses opened on Yahoo through the Spam bot. And then Luis Von Ahn thought of this special security method called captcha. Let me give you an example to illustrate this point naturally. Suppose one day a cricket match with Bangladesh and India is without a ticket and the cricket ticket is without a ticket.

What if there was no online captcha? Where a programmer would create his own code and buy those tickets one by one and even he would buy all the tickets together. Later it saw that he was selling those tickets at high prices on the black market. Where that clever programmer would buy all the tickets online with one click and he would own them all. Also, using this system would make it much easier to open a new email address and sign in to a website.

That is, many email addresses could opened at once if this thing called captcha did not exist. No one could have imagined that a single person was opening so many email addresses; Because at that time a robot was opening all the mail addresses. Where a clever programmer has coded in such a way that even if he opens thousands of email addresses, he will not have to work hard. Only he will run his program and open thousands of mail addresses that bot or robot itself. You will see many pictures with crooked writing on many websites like this; The only sign in button that works after you type and submit.

People can read all these texts inside the capture and computer bots cannot read them. However, at one point it was found that the CAPTCHA was slowing down the human work and the visually impaired could not pass this step. Because not everyone understands all the writings that have been written in a crooked way in these places. That problem is becoming more or less common in all cases.

However, if you do not understand a text when filling in the captcha, there is an option to take the next captcha. ‌ But people with visual impairments can’t see this well. Because many times the writings display in a very blurry place. And Google is creating a new way to avoid this problem. And this is reCaptcha.

ReCaptcha is bring to us to make captcha easier for people and more difficult for computer bots. Where one captcha is not understand another type of captcha is invent like another captcha, audio captcha, fan captcha and simple numbers. But with the advancement of computers and technology, everything has to keep pace with them. There came a time when robots became more expert at solving captchas than humans. And then Google came up with NoCaptcha reCaptcha, which is easy for humans and very difficult or impossible for computer bots.

However, reCaptcha is also ask to identify them with some pictures. Where they try to see it even after getting a lot of evidence whether you are human or something else or a robot. Now let’s discuss how reCaptcha works.

How does reCaptcha work?

When you click on the box instead of I’m not a robot on your smartphone or computer, the movement of your mouse is noticed there. If it is a human, the mouse will move back and forth. And if it is a bot, the click will come directly. In addition to your IP, browsing cookies, history, how many times you have tried to do the same thing before, and some other things that Google has not published. It determined based on the things that you are a human or a robot. These tasks did very quickly. And these things set the goal. If you don’t understand the difference between humans and robots, you ask to identify them by looking at the pictures.

In this method, some pictures are given inside the capture and it is written above which pictures you have to select. Now to prove that you are not a robot, you have to tick those particular pictures from among those pictures. If you find a match between those pictures and the text, then I’m not a robot box will be ticked and will take you to the next step. Note that you may be asked to select these images several times to prove that you are not a robot. Although we all notice this thing.

You may have noticed that after clicking on the box to complete the captcha, a tick appears on the box without showing you any pictures. Captcha to prove that you are not a robot where you are not asked to identify any pictures. This is because Google considers your other activities and determines that you are a human being. If you behave as if you are a human being before clicking on the reCaptcha box, Google will understand it through artificial intelligence.

Especially if you move your hand on the display before clicking on the reCaptcha box, in many cases you will see that you no longer have to prove that you are a robot by clicking on any image instead of reCaptcha. Also, if you do this from the desktop, instead of directly clicking on the box, but moving the mouse pointer back and forth for a while, a lot of time without proof, a tick mark appears on it. Although this strategy does not always work. But a lot of the time this strategy is use and reCaptcha does not have to be filled. I have also tried this trick many times.

Finally, captcha is use to our advantage. So while it may seem annoying to us at times, we have to accept this small sacrifice for the greater good. Where if they didn’t put these captchas inside the website, a single programmer could open thousands of spam Gmail accounts through a computer bot. Without online captcha, spam is not the only thing that would fill a Gmail account or any other account. On the contrary, you would have had many problems in your life.

For example, one day we have a cricket match with Bangladesh and India. Now if those tickets are released online, it will be seen that those tickets have disappeared in a while. This is because a programmer has created a code that can be used to buy thousands of tickets at once. Where that computer bot will continue to buy another ticket periodically after buying a ticket. And then you have to buy tickets at high prices from the black market.

But here if a person does that job instead of that computer bot, it is not possible for a person to buy a ticket for so long. Similarly, in the case of opening a Gmail account, people will not be able to open thousands of Gmail for such a long time, but it is a matter of time. And because of this Google will survive from the hands of thousands of spam accounts. It is also possible to block the entry of a robot on a website by installing a captcha. Where you and the website owner are safe for captcha.

With the advancement of current technology, the tendency of people to commit various tactics and commit crimes has increased. Where people try all sorts of things to evade a technology. No website is an exception. And Google’s captcha has created to protect from these risks. Which works to prevent illegal intrusions to any website.

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