Top 9 Beauty Tips You Should Do Before Bed!

Today I will talk about Top 9 Beauty Tips You Should Do Before Bed! Spending just half an hour on your back before going to bed at the end of the day can keep you soft and beautiful.

There is no match for this ‘Bedtime Beauty Regime’ to reduce the fatigue of the whole day and maintain the beauty of skin and hair. So just 30 minutes at the end of a busy day is absolutely for yourself.

So let’s see Top 9 Beauty Tips You Should Do Before Bed!

Top 9 Beauty Tips You Should Do Before Bed!
Top 9 Beauty Tips
  1. Basic rules

– If you go out, clean your face with a cleanser. Kitchen oil also harmful to the skin.

– Use facewash or any natural ingredient instead of soap.

– Makeup is the biggest enemy of the skin, even if it helps to look beautiful. So no matter how try you are, put on good makeup and then go to bed.

– You can use a separate cleanser to remove eye makeup.

– Choose cleanser according to skin type.

– Use moisturizer.

– Apply moisturizer on the face, neck, hands and elbows.

– Scrape your hair well, lightly tie it and go to sleep.

2. Hair care

– If you have a habit of taking a bath at night, dry your hair well before going to sleep.

– If you have dandruff problem, go to bed at night by massaging the hair roots with anti-dandruff oil. Shampoo in the morning.

– Do not pull long hair too tight at bedtime. Blood flow to the scalp will be disrupted.

– Comb your hair well and go to bed with a light braid or comb.

3. Oily skin care

– Wash your face with mild facewash before going to bed.

– Mix mint leaf juice and rose water and apply on the face. Rinse after 10 minutes.

4. Dry skin care

– Do not use soap. Clean face-throat-neck with cleansing milk.

– Mix milk cream and rose water and massage it on the face. After 5 minutes, soak the cotton in lukewarm water and remove.

5. Normal skin care

Top 9 Beauty Tips

– Wash your face with baby soap.

– Soak cotton in cold rose water and apply it all over the face.

– Use light over night cream.

6. Eye care

– Soak cotton in cold milk and put it on tired eyes for 15 minutes. Rinse in cold water. The ink under the eyes will decrease.

– Apply a little petroleum jelly on the eyelids and go to bed.

– Do not use any thick cream on the eyelids, white heads may arise.

– If the corners of the eyes are swollen, try to lie on your back. Use stiff and high pillows.

– Use under eye cream to remove wrinkles in the corners of the eyes.

– If you have a habit of plucking eyebrows at home, it is better to do it before going to bed. The redness will go away all night. Be sure to use ice and massage cream after plucking.

7. Lip care

– Apply petroleum jelly thickly on dry lips and rub very gently with a soft toothbrush. Dead skin will come up.

– Go to bed with regular lip balm.

– To keep the lips soft, apply milk cream. Rinse after 10 minutes.

8. Hand care

– Mix rose water and glycerin once a week and massage with both hands before go to bed.

– Apply Vitamin E Oil or Almond Oil on nails and around them. The nails will be stronger.

– Those whose skin is getting hard and rough should go to bed with petroleum jelly on their hands.

9. Foot care

– Clean your feet very well every night and then go to bed.

– Do pedicure regularly.

– For those who have problems with cracked feet, soak the feet for 10 minutes by mixing shampoo in a little warm water before going to bed two days a week. Wipe the feet with a pumice stone or foot brush, wipe dry, apply moisturizer or foot cream and go to bed.

– Sleep after wearing cotton socks to avoid cracked feet. If it gets too hot, cut off the finger socks. Relax.

So these are all about the Top 9 Beauty Tips You Should Do Before Bed!

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