Top 5 Sites to Check if The Link is Safe!

Today I will discuss about Top 5 sites to check if the link is safe! People who use Facebook or any other social network have never received a link in the inbox. And those of us who read about technology all day long somehow read about giving and taking this link. Friends will buy laptops. Seeking advice from you. So, Here are some links to some of the best configuration laptops.

The same thing happens with cameras. Not only that, we provide links in all the electronic products including smartphones. That sounds pretty convenient, doesn’t it? But no. Apart from this, there are many complications with links. This link is often used for spamming and scamming.

Suppose a hacker wants to hack any of your accounts. He gave you a link in the inbox. And you clicked on that. This way you can even lose your account. Hackers are very powerful.

In this case the link is sent in two ways.

Top 5 Sites to Check if The Link is Safe!
Top 5 Sites to Check if The Link is Safe!

One, a very large link is sent to any one page of the website. There are several slashes (/) that separate the mainpage and subpages. Again, the web address can be shortened.

The downside to shortening an address is that you have no way of knowing if it is a secure website or if you are being attacked by malware or malware. And that’s why before entering these sites, you need to check the URLs to see if they are really secure websites.

Yes friends, today I will introduce you to some such sites with which you can easily check any link. It is possible to prevent a lot of spamming and scamming. So, Let’s see Top 5 sites to check if the link is safe!

1. AVG Threatlabs

This is one of the best tools to check for insecure links. It can check any link to see if there is any malware in the link to the website. You only have to do one thing. And that is to enter the URL and wait for the result.

AVG is a big name in the world of online security and a very well known name. And thus they have retained their names. You can rely on the results without any worries. They also have many more options through which you can get important information about many websites.

2. Kaspersky VirusDesk

If you want to know about a link from Kaspersky, one of the world’s leading security firm, you can easily rely on their Kaspersky virus desk. It works in two ways. It not only checks suspicious websites, but also scans many suspicious files. And it can be used very easily.

If you want to use Kaspersky Virus Desk, you need to scan your URL. You will soon find out if the URL is secure. Even if your doubts about a URL remain, you will have the option to scan more deeply. It will even mail you the result after searching.

Top 5 Sites to Check if The Link is Safe!

3. ScanURL

Another way to check suspicious links is to scan URLs. It completes your search with a secure HTTPS connection. And this site is an independent website. Even though there are ads on the search results screen, the results are really great. However, from the results you can easily know if you should enter the link. If the site is unsafe it will message you not to enter there. You can check many sites in this way. You can even easily share the result link with friends.

4. PhishTank

Other sites will check if there is malware, Phishtank will check if the site is a phishing site. But the work process is the same as the previous ones. If any URL appears to be phishing, enter it and check. If the site is already on their list then you will get results quickly. Otherwise you will be given a tracking number.

Sad but true is that it is quite difficult to check phishing links so quickly. Because, at the same time it also checks for malware. It actually helps one to identify phishing sites. Because, if you suspect any link as a phishing site, you will already have some knowledge about it. And this site will confirm that information to you. And if you are open-minded, you can also contribute to the site.

5. Google Transparency Report

Although Google is not a big privacy conscious organization in the world, they still have a service to check the links. In this too, if you just enter the URL, you will get results about it. This will allow you to decide if you want to enter the site.

Not only malware, but also Google will give you information about phishing sites. There will always be new knowledge. Know the unknown. But yes. Don’t just sit there knowing. Spread this knowledge to those to whom these tunes cannot reach. Knowledge is not a thing to keep to oneself. Although, Spread the word among everyone who is around. Love technology, stay with technology. Stay tuned to us.

So far as today I will appear again in the future with any new information. And don’t forget to let us know what the tune looked like. If you have any questions about the tune, do the question in the comment box below.

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