Top 5 mysterious websites on the internet

I think You all know that there are millions of websites on the Internet. Today we are going to show the top 5 mysterious websites on the internet. Many of them are e-commerce websites, many are tech, many of them are music, movies, videos, wallpapers, SMS etc. But did you know that there are many amazing websites that will blow your mind.

These sites are made with amazing and amazing scripts and software. So, be sure to check it out and read the full tune. The internet is amazing, isn’t it?

Warning: I’m just tuning this article for information! Basically I do not recommend you to visit any of the sites from the list below.

List of Top 5 mysterious websites on the Internet:

1. Pointer Pointer

This is the website which is going to blow your mind. In fact, it will be scare you a little bit. All you have to do is click and load the website and move your mouse pointer. Wherever you move the pointer, it will be show an person image pointing at it. It’s a little bit freaky.

2. Cannibalism Forum

Hey friends, you know what! What is cannibalism? I’m sure you don’t know about that! This means those who eat human body etc! Basically it’s a forum of the cannibalism community, where the cannibalism community talks to each other. I am not proposing to visit this website. People with weak hearts stay away from this website.

3. Staggering Beauty

Hey friends, have you ever visited this website? I don’t think so! But don’t worry! This website has a big snake that will run according to your mouse cursor. If you move your mouse cursor, it starts moving automatically. I do not know the main purpose of this website. So, I added this website to my mysterious list. Hope you like it.


This website is very strange like their name. I still don’t understand the meaning of the name of this website. I do not know why this site was created. On this website you will find many mantras for it. I am not suggesting you to talk about any of the mantras given on this website. So, visit it at your own risk.

5. OMFG Dogs

I do not know why this website was created and what is the main purpose of this website. So, that’s why I have added this website to my mysterious list! Hope you like it!

So, this are all 5 mystery websites. To get more interesting news stay with us and one thing that basically I do not recommend you to visit any of the sites listed above. In fact, This article is for educational purposes only.

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