Top 5 Best PC Games in 2021

Hello Everyone, how are you all? Hope everybody is well. Today I will tell about Top 5 Best PC Games in 2021. And in order to keep up with this ever new topic and trend of service, today I came up with a brand new topic with you. And you can know all the new information through this tune.

The year 2019 was also a good year for PC games before discussing the derailed games of 2020. And in 2016 some great PC games  released and the quality of many PC games was not so good. So it can say that 2019 and 2020 are having a good time for PC games. And throughout 2019, many great games came to the market with multi-platform supported titles, notably A Plague Tale: Innocence or The Outer Worlds.

Also the game ported for Red Dead Redemption 2 PC is very impressive (but there are some bugs). Total War: Three Kingdoms and also the Disco Elysium game is award winning and its story is great.

Despite the fact that these games are head-scratching games, there will be a lot of competition among these games this year, who will be the best game of the year. And this year more new head-scratching PC games are coming, such as Mount & Blade: Bannerlord and Cyberpunk 2077 are waiting to be released, so it can be said that 2021 is a very good time for PC gamers.

Let’s See Top 5 Best PC Games in 2021.

1. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Release date: March, 2020
Genre: RPG, Strategy
Similar games: Total War series, Mount & Blade games
The Cyberpunk game is not the only long-awaited game on this list. Because about 6 years ago, many gamers played this type of RPG game “Mount & Blade”, and after playing this game, many gamers are eagerly waiting for the next version or sequel. So good news for them, they will soon get the next version or sequel Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord game.

Now that said, what do you expect this Bannerlord game to be like? In a word, the graphics quality should be the same as the original Mount & Blade games and the gameplay should be better. However, it can say that you will find all the features of the original game in this game. Also it has open gameplay or direction and simulated economy from the beginning to the end of the war and there is a real time, tactical army war system. So, however, in order to make the attack more dynamic in war and artificial intelligence has been much improved.

Moreover, every feature like Mount & Blade games like Map, Diplomacy, City Building and Fraction Management has come back in a new form in these games. For example, a new building is being constructed in your city or town. And it has some pseudo-currency of diplomacy with which you have to convince the various characters of Bannerlord to simplify your building construction.

And if these improvements don’t get your attention, Bannerlord will do its fair share. The character of games also changes over time due to age, combat or execution, and also attracts non-traditional gamers with a variety of powerful weapons such as banditry or trading.

Honestly, it would take all day today to talk about Bannerlord games. Think about it, if you like to play multi-genre or RPG type games. You can play Steam’s Early Access for two months and hopefully you will be satisfied.

2. Cyberpunk 2077

Release date: September 18, 2020
Genre: Cyberpunk RPG
Similar games: Blade Runner, The Witcher 3, GTA series
These games, such as The Witcher 3, CD Projekt Red, Cyberpunk 2077, have been developed by a well-known Polish developer. Whose main goal is to take RPG games to a new standard and give gamers a different level of gameplay.

As part of this, in Cyberpunk games you can create a character of your choice, as well as customize different attributes, skills. You can also customize various unique features, including background music, if you wish.

In Cyberpunk 2077 games, gamers are given freedom in gameplay at every moment while playing the game. So this is a complete opposite of The Witcher 3 games, because in this game gamers can’t change as they wish. If they have to customize, they have to be hacked, and that’s why gamers can go on missions in different ways in Cyberpunk games.

Do you like big guns, explosives and genuinely brave warriors? Then you will find none of these in Cyberpunk games. Also like to play with robberies, hacking, plain talk or robots or what if all these are in one game?

And if you get bored of playing these kinds of games, then Cyberpunk 2077 Games has an impressive setting called “Night City” – which allows you to play games in a dangerous city view.

3. Wasteland 3

Release date: May 19, 2020
Genre: Isometric RPG
Similar games: Fallout 1 & 2, Wasteland 2, post-apocalyptic worlds
This game is similar to Fallout Games, it is a tune-apocalyptic, party-based RPG series of games, and Wasteland 3 games have stereotypical desert setting settings. However, in this game, gamers will find a snow-covered mountainous area named Frigid Colorado in the middle of nowhere.

This game is similar to Fallout Games, it is a tune-apocalyptic, party-based RPG series of games, and Wasteland 3 games have stereotypical desert setting settings. However, in this game, gamers will find a snow-covered mountainous area named Frigid Colorado in the middle of nowhere.

You’ll also be able to create custom characters in this game and have a companion with that character by default. And the last surviving members of “Team November” are a group of peacekeeping rangers crossing the hostile landscape of an armored rover in Colorado. Fight the animals. Moreover, the more you and your companions fight and survive, the more you will have access to new abilities and equipment.

Trust us, you can get all the opportunities in these games if you want. The Wasteland 3 game is more challenging and deadly than Wasteland 2. And it has great gameplay with new weapons and player and enemy advantages, including strategic combat systems like XCom. It is true that when you first start the game you can take a friend with you to make a face-to-face attack with the dangerous Colorado wildlife and their inhabitants.

Whether you take a friend with you or not, inXile promises that the latest project is an emotional one. With an RPG type gameplay with a nice story. While playing these games you will be forced to make strict ethical decisions. Which will help you to save different teams and locations in the games. And so with all the power at your fingertips. Don’t you try to save as many people as you can and try to get the surrounding fertile land to a better place, or just watch it burn.

4. Dying Light 2

Release date: 2020 possible
Genre: Survival, FPS, RPG
Similar games: The Walking Dead, survival games, zombie killing
There are dozens of zombie survival games, but it’s really hard to find good quality zombie survival games. Fortunately, based on all the zombie games we’ve seen so far, we think Dying Light 2 is a much better quality zombie survival game.

The Dying Light 2 game has an open world, a game as huge as Fars Person Survival RPG games. Many large locations that have dubbed “The City” in the games. Like the first games, Dying Light 2 gives gamers a great deal of freedom, allowing you to run against walls, bounce off poles and bounce off enemies, and more. And that’s why this fight is so innovative.

Moreover, The City of Dying Light 2 is a city of darkness, full of dangerous buildings, with violent groups to fight, in which case you have to make very difficult moral decisions. And of course there are many zombies that must avoided or destroyed. If this challenge is not enough for you, you can do the story reactivity of the game. And the decisions you make while playing games will have a great impact on the world of games.

If you turn on the option to turn on The City’s pumps, the water will move elsewhere. So you’ll find a new place to explore that was previously submerged. This stage is a very exciting new mission and hopefully then you will get the real fun of these games. But for this you have to go through many difficult situations to reach this stage. If you are not afraid of this challenge then the upcoming Dying Light 2 game may be the ideal zombie game.

5. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Release date: towards the end of 2020
Genre: RPG
Similar games: Bloodlines 1, sparkle-free vampires, Deus Ex
Although the Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines game did not impress the gaming world in 2004, the franchise is getting its first chance to make a fast impression this year. Developer Hardsuit Labs has officially announced that they are working on a sequel to Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines.

And so for the modern time all the features of Bloodlines 2 are working to keep up to date. This means you can create many new custom characters in the games. With smoother quality and action-based combat than before and more reactive storylines. You will also find new locations in the Bloodlines 2 game, where there are rainy seasons and many beautiful roads.

With so many improvements and changes to this game, hopefully Bloodlines 2 will be an RPG game of your mind. Which means you can complete the missions in these games from different angles. You can jump on game screens, also use ghostly powers and float through vents, or have sophisticated weapons with sharp teeth and nails or shotguns that can blow up any area. If you do not want to get your hands dirty, you can always avoid it, fearing those who will stand in your way.

No matter how good the game you play, you must use the code “Masquerade”. Which allows you to keep your vampire existence a secret from the general public. This allows you to avoid being caught too often by wild animals, otherwise your consequences could be fatal. Lastly, wait for the release of Bloodlines 2 game and hopefully you will get a good quality game.

So, these are The top 5 Best PC games on this list. And let us know which one is your favorite game here by commenting and I may not have considered better games out of this list, so I’m sincerely sorry. Stay with Us for more information.

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