Top 13 Ways to make Money Online from Home in Lockdown

Today I will discuss about Top 13 Ways to make Money Online from Home in Lockdown. In the global unrest caused by the Corona epidemic, many people have lost their jobs and are now sitting idle at home. Due to the decrease in job opportunities, some people are exploring various areas of income at home. Below are some effective ways to earn money online from.

So let’s see Top 13 Ways to make Money Online from Home in Lockdown.

** Customer Service:

The customer care centers of various online service providers require a lot of staff. If you are good at speaking, you can easily work at different customer care services online from home.

** Managing Social Media Platform:

An organization can earn money at home by regularly posting on their social media platforms, answering customer questions, etc.

** Online product sales :.

You can open a Facebook page or your own e-commerce site and sell your own or any other daily necessities at home. As well as selling products from a reputable organization or e-commerce site (such as: Amazon, Alibaba) on your e-commerce site can also earn extra income by getting a commission. Besides, if you have a habit of taking pictures. You can earn money by selling these pictures at home through,, etc.

** Facebooking and YouTube

Interestingly, you can earn a lot of money by getting ads by opening a channel on YouTube or creating a Facebook page. It is also possible to make money by selling Facebook pages or Facebook groups with more likes or followers.

** Freelancing / Outsourcing:

Freelancing is working independently outside the conventional job. Freelancing can be done easily using the following activities using information technology.

** Translation work:

It is possible to become a translator only if you have proficiency in a foreign language. A translator can easily make a lot of money online.

** Content Writing:

There is a demand for information based writing on various websites. If you are interested in writing and can write in simple language, it is possible to earn money by becoming a content writer.

** Data entry

This can be done only if you know how to type fast. In this case, by signing up on the freelancing websites, the clients have to see the scanned datasheet and enter it in the computer. It is possible to make money through this data entry.

** Product Review:

There is a need to look at product reviews before buying products online. So, now there is an opportunity to earn good money by writing product reviews online.

** Blogging:

If you have your own blog with good content, you can sign up to get Google AdSense ads. And with this, it is possible to earn a substantial amount of money by writing a blog and increasing the number of clicks and views.

** Graphics Designing

If you know graphic design work, you can earn money by selling your designs in different online marketplaces. Although you can earn money by working with different job orders from clients in the marketplace.

** Video Editing:

By learning video editing work, various organizations can make enough money by making various videos including advertisements.

** Web Designing:

Currently, a large number of people are leaning towards online. So if you know the work of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, you can make money by designing the web of different organizations at home.

So in this time we have to use our skills at home at this time to build a career. You can also become self-sufficient by earning money.

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