Top 10 Best free Email Services (Without Phone Verification)

Hello, Everyone. As always, I have come up with a new article. Today I talk about Top 10 Best free Email Services (Without Phone Verification).

Your email may be needed on the Internet for a variety of reasons, moreover, freelancers must have multiple email addresses. But the main obstacle in the way of creating numerous email addresses is the phone number. Because we have a limited phone number, it is difficult to get an unlimited email address. So in today’s article I will look for some secure email providers, from which you will not need a phone number to get your email address.

There are some email providers where you do not need a phone number to register and even get a lifetime free email service. In some emails you will find SMTP Access, Aliases, Encrypted Storage, RSS feeds, and many more. You can also select multiple domain names in a few emails.

While some emails are the most popular in the world, they have various limitations such as an email with a phone number or an email account cannot be created without phone number verification. So considering all these issues, I have come up with Hello, Everyone. As always, I have come up with a new tune. Today I talk about Top 10 Best free Email Services in which it is a matter of a few seconds to register.

Let’s see Top 10 Best free Email Services (Without Phone Verification)

 Email Services (Without Phone Verification)

1. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a very popular and secure encrypted email service. The great thing is that you don’t need phone verification to register with ProtonMail. You can register without a phone number by going to the registration page, even if there is a field of recovery email, it is optional. You can exchange emails immediately after signing up.

This email service has long been known for sending encrypted emails The data center of this email service is located in Switzerland but email is exchanged through end-to-end encryption. At ProtonMail you will get 500 MB of storage for free and you can send 150 emails every day.

Official website @ ProtonMail

2. Tutanota

Like ProtonMail, another email service is Tutanota. Privacy Focus This email service also does not require any phone verification at the time of registration. However, the created account will not be activated automatically, it may take 24 hours or more to be activated manually. With Tutanota email service you can get up to 1 GB of storage for free.

Tutanota has a good reputation as a secure email service and is as popular as ProtonMail. Once the account is verified, you can exchange emails. But keep in mind that you need to take a premium package to get features like Multiple Domains and Aliases in this service.

Official website @ Tutanota

Email Services (Without Phone Verification)

3. Disroot

Disroot is a great secure email service so you don’t need any phone number. Even if you want an alternative email for password recovery, it is optional.

However, opening an account at Disroot is a bit complicated because the account is activated through human verification. It may take one to two days for the account to become active.

Once the email is verified, you can exchange emails. Be careful not to spam your email. It is not suitable for commercial use or bulk email sending. You will get 1 GB storage, 50 MB attachment limit and free access to IMAP / SMTP / POP in free email.

Complete the registration from the sign-up page and wait for verification. Once verified, you will receive a confirmation email.

Official Website @ Disroot


Although not very popular, is a trusted and old free email service. You do not need a phone number to account for this email service. Although there is a recovery email option, it is optional here. A great advantage of this email service is that if you have an account here, you will get 10 email addresses. As soon as you open an account you will receive a mailbox and will be able to exchange emails instantly.

In the free plan I will get 1 GB storage which can be increased through premium plan. This email service has an Android and iOS app through which you can also create an account over the phone.

Official website @

5. Outlook Mail

Microsoft’s email service Outlook also does not require a phone number for email verification. After opening the account, your email will be activated and you will be able to exchange emails. However, if no illegal activity can be done using this email, then the account may be locked.

In Microsoft service you will get benefits like 5 GB OneDrive, Office Online, moreover the premium package has more attractive features.

Official website @ Outlook

6. Mailo

There is another email service that verifies without a phone number. When signing up for Mailo, you can select multiple domains if you want. It also offers 5 Aliases.

In Mailo you will find features like 500 MB Virtual Disk, ecards, Photo Album, IMAP, WebDAV access, Notes, RSS feeds.

You can easily register without a phone number by visiting Mailo’s homepage. You will receive a mailbox after completing a CAPTCHA. Mailo has an official mobile app, you can use it if you want or you can get this mail service in Gmail and Outlook through IMAP / POP access.

Official website @ Mailo

7. CryptText

CryptText is an email service where all data will be saved on your device. No data will be saved on online server or remote location.

Once you have the CryptText app installed on your phone, you will receive an email address and be able to use it immediately. You do not need a phone number to activate the email, but you need to provide an alternative mail address for verification. i

So install Criptext’s desktop and mobile app and get the email address. Even if all your data is saved on the phone or device, an internet connection is required for email exchange. Before logging out of the account or uninstalling the app, you must back up all the data.

Official website @ CryptText

8. ShazzleMail

ShazzleMail is an email service like Criptext above but there is no web version, it only has a mobile app. Moreover, there is no need to activate it separately after opening the account. Everything in this email will be saved on the device, no information will go online.

ShazzleMail will provide you with a free email address that you can use anywhere. Its mobile app has all the benefits of any other email service. With this email you can send emails privately to ShazzleMail users and different users.

Official website @ ShazzleMail

9. Onion Mail

Many people may be aware of Onion website but very few people know that it has an email service. You can easily get an email address on and it will give you 1 GB storage. Onion Mail has an official Android app so you don’t have to use Tor Network to use this mail.

Email Services (Without Phone Verification)

You do not have to provide any personal information or even alternate email to get the email address in this mail service. claims to be a privacy focus email service. In this email you will get many more things including auto-reply feature. It can consider as one of the best alternatives to ProtonMail.

Official Website:

10. Email forwarding

Email forwarding services not consider email providers, but you can use them without a phone number. Today I will discuss some of the best email forwarding services that you can use for free for a lifetime and will work on almost all mail services. You can even use them in reply.

33Mail: 33Mail will give you a free email host. You can receive up to 10 MB of email per month. If you want to use alternative email for social media, 33Mail may be best for you.

Spamgourmet: Spamgourmet is an old and trusted email forwarding service. You can use this email service for free.

Mail-Box.CZ: Mail-Box.CZ is a Czech based email forwarding service. You can use this email service anywhere. You can open an account with this forwarding service without a phone number.

Although there are numerous email services on the Internet, I have listed some of the best mail services for you. Some of the mentioned emails may not be available in all countries, in which case you can use VPN.

So, these are the Top 10 Best free Email Services (Without Phone Verification). That’s all for today, stay well till the next tune.