Top 10 Best Features of Windows 11

Today we discuss about Top 10 Features of Windows 11. Microsoft recently launched 11. Earlier, after launching Windows 10, Microsoft announced that they would not bring any new operating system. However, he moved away from the announcement and unveiled the new operating system Windows 11.

In addition to multiple changes to the new Windows 11 user interface, several new features have added. This update will be available on almost all Windows 10 computers.

What you need to install Windows 11:

Best Features of Windows 11
Top 10 Features of Windows 11.

Running Windows 11 requires a computer with at least 4GB of RAM, 64GB of free storage, and a 64-bit 1GHz dual-core processor. Windows 11 can download from the company’s website by the end of 2021.

What changes can happen to your computer after updating to Windows 11?

Let’s see Top 10 Features of Windows 11

  • Start menu in the middle of the screen
Top 10 Features of Windows 11

Windows Start Menu has moved to the middle of the screen. Until now, this menu was on the left side of the screen in all Windows versions.

But this time it has changed. As a result, Windows looks a lot like macOS and Chrome OS. It takes a while for users to adapt, but the change will give users a much better experience.

  • New Start Menu in Windows 11

Live tiles have been omitted from the previous start menu. So, The new Win’s Start Menu looks a lot like Chrome OS. Rounded corners on all four sides of the icon, which looks quite unique.

  • New multitasking

Multitasking experience will be better in Windows 11 using Snap Layout. As a result, multiple software can easily place on the screen with the mouse.

This feature can use with keyboard shortcuts before installing Microsoft Power Toys. New Multitasking – Multitasking experience in Windows 11 using Snap Layout will be even better.

  • Documents:

Microsoft 365 customers can view their recent files from the Start Menu. This way Android and iOS customers can easily start using the same file in Windows 11.

  • Multiple displays

If you use more than one display, you will get new features. And if you disconnect a display, the software that open on that display will minimize automatically.

If you reconnect the display later, where the apps minimize, the software will open in the same layout.

  • Freed from the hassle of updates
Best Features of Windows 11
Top 10 Features of Windows 11.

The company claims that a 40 percent performance boost will be available after the Windows 11 update. Also, the size of the update will be much smaller than before.

Also, your computer will not turn off for updates while working.

Microsoft Teams in the taskbar

Microsoft Teams is now use in many offices. This app can use from the Windows 11 taskbar.

  • New widget in Windows 11:

New Widget is back in Windows 11. In the new widget panel, various information including weather, cricket score can view from different widgets without opening any app.

  • Gaming PC

Windows 11 adds a bunch of new features for game lovers. Auto HDR has gotten better in games. Xbox Game Pass also allows Windows 11 customers to experience great gaming experience.

  • Android App Support:

A completely new Microsoft Store has added to Windows 11. Android app can be found here. Android app can be run on Windows 11 computer by downloading from the store. For this, Microsoft has joined hands with Amazon App Store.1

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