The day of start IPL 2021 will be announced soon

The day of start IPL 2021 will be announced soon. BCCI co-president recently said about it.

There were possibilities or calls, but the Indian Cricket Board has repeatedly said that it is adamant in its decision to continue the IPL, thumbing to thousands of critics.

However, Varun Chakraborty and Corona’s attack in the tournament broke the firm stand, the Kolkata-Bangalore match postponed indefinitely, this time the IPL.

The BCCI has forced to walk out of the tournament after the two cricketers attacked by Corona and the Chennai Super Kings refused to play for the time being, officials said. The day of start IPL 2021 announce soon.

After the corona of Varun Chakraborty and Sandip Warrior infected, the virus found in the bodies of 3 people including Balaji, a member of the coaching staff of Chennai Super Kings, and also in the bodies of field workers of Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi.

For the past two weeks, the Corona situation in India had extremely fragile, with more than 300,000 people newly infected every day. At least 3,000 people killed, crying out for oxygen. In such a situation, the Indian Cricket Board has to face a lot of criticism for running the IPL.

If anyone thinks that this year’s Indian Premier League is going to close, then he or they think wrong. That is what the BCCI co-president said.

IPL is not close at all. The IPL is postpone for a short time. IPL will resume considering the situation and time. If anyone thinks that IPL is going to close at once, then they are wrong. This is how everyone has assured BCCI co-president Rajiv Shukla.

Bio-bubble is broke. The Indian players have returned home. All but the Australians are preparing to return home. The Australians are also addreese. Australians in the postponed IPL will be able to return to the Maldives after securing a 14-day quarantine. It decided that the Australian cricketers whose IPL postponed will sent to Maldives first. For which the Indian High Commissioner is in regular contact with the Maldives and Australia.

On Monday, the BCCI was shaken by the news of the injuries of two Kolkata Knight Riders players, Sandeep Warrior and Varun Chakraborty. On the same day, the news of Chennai coach Balaji’s infect came After Wriddhiman Saha and Amit Mishra attacked on Tuesday, the IPL Governing Council could not show the courage to continue the IPL.

After that the question arises whether the IPL completely ruined? Assuring everyone, Rajiv Shukla, vice-president of the board, insisted that the IPL would happen again. He said, “I want to make it clear that IPL 2021 is not cancel or stop. It postpone, it postpone for a while, so I want to say that it will held. The rest of this year’s IPL games will organize. But the decision will make at the right time

However, when the postponed IPL will start, it has not been officially announced yet. Rajiv Shukla said that soon the government committee of the IPL will sit in the discussion and give details about the next steps of the IPL. But it will all depend on the direction of the Corona situation in the country.

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