Top 5 Telegram Features that WhatsApp Does Not Have

Top 5 Telegram Features that WhatsApp Does Not Have. The duality between Telegram and WhatsApp started from the beginning of this year. While WhatsApp is far ahead in the customer crowd, Telegram has one of the features that is not available in WhatsApp. Let’s take a look at some of the nice features. Telegram is making their platform more attractive by adding new features every month. This app has gained huge popularity in India in the recent past. Telegram has many interesting features like screen sharing, schedule messages, personal cloud storage, chat folders, which you will not find in WhatsApp.

Take a look at those Top 5 Telegram Features that WhatsApp Does Not Have

Chat folder

Telegram is not only a messaging app, it is also an open source platform that can be used to stream public discussions and one-way broadcast communication. So, if you subscribe to multiple channels, you can put personal and work channels in separate folders. This will make it easier to find any channel quickly. This feature can be used from the Folder option in Settings. Here you can create a folder of your choice.

Once the folder is created, tap the Add Chat button. This way you can insert any chat into a specific folder. This feature will help you find any chat quickly.

Video screen sharing

Screen sharing is possible when making video calls from Telegram. This feature can only be used on group calls. Start the group video call and select the Screen Sharing option from the Three Dot menu. Now two separate screens will appear in front of you. One can see your face, the other can see your phone screen. Double tap on the display you want to see. By the way, it is possible to make voice and group video calls using Telegram.

Cloud storage / large files

As we said before, Telegram is a cloud based messaging service. It is possible to chat from Telegram simultaneously from multiple devices. This service can also use simultaneously from tablets and computers. Also, you can use the Saved Message section of this app as Notepad. You can write anything there and save it. This message will save in Telegram Cloud just like your chat.

Open Telegram and select the menu, which you will find at the top left of the App Home screen. Saved messages sent from one device can view from another device. This way you can save high-resolution images, videos and other files to the cloud. Each customer can use up to 2GB of cloud storage.

Schedule message

You will not find this feature in popular messaging apps like WhatsApp. You can schedule any message using Telegram. If you want, you can change his time later. You can use this feature in private and group chats. To schedule a message in Telegram, type the message and long press the Send button. After that you will see the option to schedule the message.

Archive box

WhatsApp lets you archive chats. However, in Telegram it is possible to use the archive option in a better way. All you have to do is scroll down to find the archived chat on WhatsApp. Telegram has an archive box to get rid of this problem. All archived chats will save there.

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