Some Questions and Answers About Freelancing in 2021

Today I will discuss about Some questions and answers about freelancing. The whole world is going through a historic time in today’s world of internet. The youth of many countries are currently earning from the online world. They have become financially self-sufficient.

Our country is no exception. About five lakh freelancers in our country are earning 100 million US dollars abroad. There are about 1.1 billion freelancers worldwide. Those who are earning millions, billions, trillions. (Source:

Questions and Answers About Freelancing

Even then, many of us have misconceptions about freelancing. Many people in our country do not pay much attention to freelancing. But what they don’t know is that a freelancer can earn at least ten times the salary of a first class officer.

At present there are some unfavorable questions about freelancing in our society. I will try to answer them in today’s discussion. So let’s see Some Questions and Answers About Freelancing.

Q: Freelancing after Failing Everywhere, Why?

A: Many are failing to study or do anything else. In fact, they’re too lazy to do anything, and that’s why they can’t make a career. And some of these people are thinking of succeeding with freelancing. But that did not happen. There is no place for incompetents in freelancing. The more you qualify, the more your income will increase online. Without qualifications, you may be able to earn five to ten thousand rupees temporarily. In a word, to be successful in freelancing, you must have qualifications.

Q: Does Freelancing mean working Upwork?

A: Only 6 percent of the jobs that are outsourced or outsourced around the world are available in marketplaces. Not just Upwork, Upwork, Fiverr, people per hour, 99 design, envato, microworkers, clickbank, amazon etc. Excluding this 8 percent job in the marketplace, there is another 93 percent job. These activities take place completely outside the marketplace. For those who think freelancing means Upwork, I would say find out about this 93 percent job.

Q: Is a little qualification Enough to do Freelancing?

Questions and Answers About Freelancing
Some Questions and Answers About Freelancing

A: The freelancing space is for qualified people only. Because a buyer has the opportunity to choose the best one out of many freelancers around the world to get his work done. So those who are less qualified are more likely not to get a job. The beginning of freelancing requires a lot of time and hard work to establish yourself as qualified. Only then can you get success in freelancing work.

Q: What are the many benefits of freelancing?

A: Newcomers do not have the same qualifications as those who come for freelancing online and find out that those who are making money online by freelancing. Many of them think that it is not possible to reach this stage then – many people fall back on this idea and at one stage they fall back from the freelancing sector.

I would say for those who are successfully making money online right now, they were once very ordinary. Hard work and training have brought them to where they are today. If one learns the job and works hard, many will be able to succeed online.

Q: Should Freelancing take part time or full time?

A: Many people in our country still do not think of freelancing as a job option. Everyone is now thinking of freelancing as a part time job as well as a job or study. And that is why the amount of income that can be earned in our country through freelancing is not becoming a reality. Freelancing is not the only way to earn extra money.

It is possible to take freelancing as a career as opposed to a job. Because as a freelancer you are working for a company in a developed country. Many of them are also working as regular employees of other companies in this country.

Q: In the case of Freelancing income is uncertain?

A: Even if you have less money for the job, at the end of the month you definitely get the money. But in the case of freelancing, even though the income is 5-10 times more than the salary of the job, the families of this country are prevented from earning income from freelancing. Their ingrained idea is that one day freelancing income may stop.

Suppose someone earns money from online marketing. Then he will not have any work at one time, it means that there is no need for marketing of any other organization in the world. If that happens then those who do marketing work in the country will also become unemployed. If a sector calculates that if there are job opportunities in 100 organizations at the local level, then there will be job opportunities in 1 lakh organizations online. Because you have the opportunity to work online in all the organizations around the world.

Q: Is it important to know English to work in Freelancing?

Some Questions and Answers About Freelancing

A: Of course it is urgent. Because many people can’t do well in freelancing because they are weak in English even though they have good skills in many jobs. Buyers / clients value skills the most when it comes to working online.

In that case, if the buyer / client does not understand the work properly due to the weakness of the freelancer’s language while explaining the work, or if it is difficult for the freelancer / client to understand the language while explaining the work, then the buyer / client feels a little annoyed. In that case the buyer / client often considers the language weakness if he is proficient in the work. However, if you want to work in freelancing, it is important to be proficient in English.

Q: Freelancing can be done without knowing the education?

A: There is a need to read the text for everything. It is natural that the scope of knowledge of an educated person will be much better than that of an uneducated person. Although one has to study only to get a job, such a mistake is common in our country. If you don’t know how to read, how can you get better training in freelancing? If you want to work in freelancing, you need constant training, so you have to study a lot. It is not enough to be an expert in just one subject. For this you must know how to read.

Q: How long does it take to prepare for Freelancing?

A: The thing you have chosen for freelancing is that you are less likely to earn a lot of money by working without being very good at it. And to be good in a good way, you must take training as well as give it time to practice a lot.

Experts say that if you have to spend 20 years in school, college, varsity to get a job then you need to have the patience to spend at least six months to a year to earn a lot of money.

Q: You can’t become a freelancer without taking a course at a training center?

A: Of course it does. There are a lot of video tutorials on YouTube, now on various blogs online. If you want, you can learn everything from watching them at home and building a career online. There is a lot of good data available in Bengali at present, which is enough to start the work. However, it is true that it takes a lot of time and effort to read and learn them on your own. It will be much easier to do a course if you can get proper job instruction.

Q: Freelancing can not be done if you are not a science student?

A: Of course it does. Academic background has nothing to do with online career. Anyone in any field of humanities or commerce or science can become successful by freelancing through those who have acquired online work skills.

For those who are still unemployed in the current online age, I would say try to find work in the fields of online work. Make yourself self-reliant. You may not know that a lot of young people in our neighboring countries India and Pakistan are self-sufficient today by freelancing.

It is not that our country is lagging behind in terms of freelancing. Many young people in our country are self-sufficient today by freelancing. Their value and dignity in the society is also very high. So I tell you, learn to work, not unemployment, become self-sufficient through freelancing. And these are Some Questions and Answers About Freelancing.