Social Media Effects on Mental Health

Social Media Effects on Mental Health. In middle-class families in the motherland, “special days” usually mean some extra arrangements for a festival or a holiday. Well! Please tell. Holidays, all the favorite people of the family together! Everyone wears beautiful clothes. Mom’s hand cooking is more fun! They are extending their hands to each other. In the middle of the chat, the father’s serious and wise words are a light and funny word! Lots of laughter! Is that so?

Or did it occur to you, after wearing the new Punjabi or Saree, to be very elegant, with the food made by your mother in front of you, when you post it on social media Facebook or Instagram? And wondering what the caption or hashtag will be! If social media is all over your mind, it is not positive for you at all. Addiction to social media can have adverse effects on our personal and worldly lives. So, keep the details of worldly life away from social media.

Social Media Effects on Mental Health

Social Media Effects on Mental Health

How can it have a bad effect on family life?

Stay away from social media, the details of worldly life, otherwise there will be quarrels. Just as there are good aspects to everything, there are also some bad aspects. Sharing something on social media is definitely not bad. However, becoming more dependent on virtual life than real life is very negative for individual and worldly life. How? Let’s find out a little bit.

1) Many times a loved one loses to a virtual relationship

Suppose your husband or wife gave you a mobile phone as a gift with a lot of money. You are so happy! But with the gift in hand, you think that if you do not post with a beautiful caption, you will not be able to explain to everyone how happy you are! You are busy taking pictures with your mobile phone and thinking about what captions to give. On the other hand, your loved one may have wanted to tell you the story of his hard-earned money or the surprise plan he gave you. When you are busy with people who are trapped in the phone in your hand. Then maybe, the story of your loved one “I’ll tell you later” is never told to you again. In this way, the distance from the people nearby increases little by little!

2) Thoughts of others may be the cause of your mental turmoil

Our mentality as human beings is still not very modern. There is also a generation gap. What is very normal to me or to you, can cause a negative attitude to many. Violence, gossip, and even many more can be blamed on you. Its effect will be felt in your personal life and family life. Many people simply can not accept the negative comments! And if you can’t handle it properly, these will become the cause of your mental turmoil.

3) Not everyone can take your happiness or joy in a positive way

There are some people in our lives who actually enjoy seeing our happiness and suffer just like us in our bad times. However, it is unfortunate that the number of such people is very small. But the number on the other side is more. When you are posing for a nice time with a loved one like you, husband, wife, parents, siblings or friends, the person who is watching you at the same time may be very alone in his personal life. Even if you don’t want to, that shared post may be a reason to remind someone of your emptiness. He may not want to take you in a positive way. In this way also distance can be created.

4) Your domestic strife can be entertainment for others

Well! Wondering? Were all the classmates in your class at school or college all your friends or still are? Did the whole class suffer for you on that day when you were beaten by the teacher for not being able to read? Of course not! Isn’t it? Facebook’s friend list is exactly like that. Although it is called “friend list” here, the list of real friends is a handful. When you are posting about a domestic dispute after suffering a lot, many people may post a screenshot of it in a group saying “You see! Didn’t I say? It’s good! ” Saying you’re happy or having fun with it behind your back.

So, what is the way to refrain from sharing these? Lets See These.

Social Media Effects on Mental Health

1) Husband-wife issues should be limited to two

Many of us are busy telling the details of the world, even if the lime falls from the drink. It should not always be. Because a lot of good and bad things will happen if we stay together. Today will be bad tomorrow. But the person you are sharing your words with may not look or respect the person closest to you. And you can’t change it even if you want to later. So try to limit the good and the bad of the world to two people, husband and wife. And to try to fix it with time among themselves without sharing it on social media. This will strengthen the bonding between you!

2) Do not share intimate pictures taken in the bedroom and bedroom on social media

The bedroom is a very private place for both husband and wife and their own. Tasteful and modern mindset that they will never want to see pictures of your bedroom or your personal time with your husband! And it is better to keep to yourself what you have in the tidy house, how you have arranged it.

3) Worldly personal issues are not on social media

One is giving status on marital disputes on social media. In every family the good and the bad live together. The in-laws ‘thoughts and the way of thinking or the lifestyle of the people in that home may be different from the way you grew up in your parents’ home. You are not wrong and they are not wrong either. However, if you want to go together, you have to balance both sides. There is nothing wrong with that. So many times in the husband’s family, if the rules and regulations or the rest of the members do not like something, we come to a solution among ourselves, but the identity of smartness. By sharing on social media and informing 10 more people, family members may misunderstand you.

4) It is not very important to share pictures of each gift given to each other

You are sharing pictures of each gift on social media and thinking “now everyone will understand, how much we love each other”! First, love can never be measured by how many gifts it gives to whom. And through such posts you may actually feel like you want to show or prove how happy you are in married life. Which also introduces a kind of insecurity. So do not share anything? Definitely do! But it should not be exaggerated in the eyes of others.

5) Try to keep personal time private

After a long time to go somewhere, I sat in a good restaurant! It can share. It could be a birthday or a wedding anniversary. But sharing pictures of personal moments for no reason at home, where you go today, where you go to eat tomorrow, how expensive gifts your husband or wife is giving you is a regular “show-off” that makes others feel good about your worldly life. As well as creates negativity. Instead of constantly sharing these moments in the hope of like comments, try to keep your private moments private.

Nowadays, boys and girls of this age are addicted to social media. I or you can give a post or a picture as a happy trick or just like that. But we also have to keep in mind how much it goes with our personality and taste. We all need to be more aware of the use of social media as well. We can use any online platform for our convenience. However, we have to insure that it does not in any way cause harm to our personal and worldly lives. We hope that we will be more careful in using social media. Stay well and stay with us.