Small Home Decorating Tips and Tricks…

Many people must be thinking a lot about how to decorate a small house. In the next few articles, I will give you some brief tips on how to organize things in a small space, how to paint, what furniture is better to use. Today I will write about Small Home Decorating Tips and Tricks.

Let’s talk about home colors today

It’s a big deal. Not enough landlords or tenants ignorant about the interior is enough to make a huge bhajghata together! I have seen so many homes in my life where only 1 room of 800 square feet, all the walls have been filled with hard blue or purple in the drawing dining or the worst sea green! Sometimes the landlord does this as a hobby! Never rent again! But the result is the same, when the furniture finally leaves the house, it is so sultry and suffocating that he wants to run away!


If your home is within 800-2000 square feet, any kind of dark color is forbidden for you! What are the dark colors?

Small Home Decorating Tips and Tricks

Except for the first three rows of this table, everything else is OK? Do not apply these colors on the walls of your house. These are not the colors to stick to the four walls. And even if you go to rent a house, keep this chart in mind. When you see all these colors on the wall, run out. After placing the furniture, the house that sees this color burning – ‘Wow! What a nice big house! ‘- he said, holding his breath.

What color will the house look bigger?

What many don’t know is that the color of the house depends entirely on the color of your furniture. So think about whether your furniture is ‘warm tone’ or ‘cool tone’?

Small Home Decorating Tips and Tricks
Small Home Decorating Tips and Tricks

Don’t understand? What is the color of the furniture in different shades of wood color?

Inside all these colors? Then your furniture is warm tone. If you have colored furniture in your home such as gray, light blue, steel or metal finish, then they will be cool tone furniture. In our country, everyone buys wooden furniture, so the color of the walls must be in warm tones. If the tones of the walls and furniture do not match then the problem starts.

Now a question Small Home Decorating Tips-

Suppose all the rooms in a house are painted light blue or light pink. It was very nice to see you. He took the house. Mixing the sweetness of the mind, he chose expensive furniture and decorated it at home. But? After bringing the furniture home, it doesn’t look like a show room anymore. I think the house became smaller. Why does the hobby dining table look so gloomy? I get upset when I think about it – where is the problem? Understand?

Gee, color and furniture tones have clashed. Blue (meaning cool tone) room you have filled with expensive yellow mahogany wood warm tone furniture worth lakhs. In such a case, it is not uncommon for a house of 2000 square feet to feel stuffy.

The color of the walls matches the furniture

So always keep your eyes and ears open while choosing the main two elements of home decoration – wall color and furniture. He fell in love with the majestic dining table in the glittering showroom of cream color, he brought it to his pink wall house! Great stupidity!

The colors inside the green outline are the most neutral ায় in a rented house (that is, where you don’t have the ability to change the color of the walls) it’s best to do all these colors. In this, the color easily matches with the wooden furniture of our country.

Another thing, do not forget about the color of the roof! Many times it is obvious that the height of the room has decreased as a result of painting the ceiling dark. Looking at a 10-foot-tall room for this mistake, it looks like an 8-foot-tall hut. You can use a little dark shade of wall color for the roof. For example, if the walls are white, the roof can be cream or if the walls are beige, the roof can be 2 shades dark beige. But the walls are cream and the ceiling is not dark blue! In this case there will be two problems, one, the roof will be extra dark, two, the roof will be cool tone and the walls will be warm tone. That means it will crash. The two rooms will be breathless!

But, in rented house, there is no opportunity to experiment with color!

Very annoying situation, isn’t it? Nothing can be done even if you want to. If you do not like the current color of the house at all or want to change the color due to the clash with the furniture, you can do instead –

  • You can use wallpaper. The wallpaper is usually applied by calculating the square feet of the carpeting area of ​​each wall. Paste using primer on top of existing plaster. This does not damage the plaster of the house. Banani, Elephant Road – In these areas you will find different types of wallpapers in interior shops. You can see the sample and buy it according to the color of the room. It would be nice to put wallpaper on the wall of any room that you want to focus on. Do not put wallpaper on all the walls again!
  • You can use a few large pictures in a simple white frame on any one focus wall in the room. The light color palette built into the light simple frame in the dark distressed color room creates illusions that increase the light and size of the artwork room. Similarly, do not hang the picture taken by Jabarjong camera in the house with huge print. Keep color prints of your own or family photos on the desktop. Not on the wall.
  • In the same way, use colorful art instead of painting on the wall by spending a lot of money to bring a touch of color to the boring cream or beige home. The identity of taste and intellect will be revealed at the same time. Of course, the intelligent use of a few cushions that match the focus of this artwork can change the look of the room in an instant.
  • You can hang curtains from the walls. It must be light and one color. Many people see the print screen in their house and buy something like this and hang it in their 10 feet room. Just from the window again! What happens in it? The height of the room seems low. In small rooms the curtains must be hung 6 inches below the ceiling or ceiling to the floor. This means the full height of the room.
  • The use of one-color and one-light curtains on one wall of the dark painted room can light up the tone of the room. If you have a stuffy room, you can try this method.
  • You can use a large floor-to-ceiling mirror in any room. Of course, the frame will be very simple and light tone. The size of the room is much larger with the use of mirrors.

If you use these Small Home Decorating tips wisely in your new home, it is possible to arrange any small space as you like. And remember the two thumb rules-

  • It’s a small bed, it’s good to see it in the store, so it will be good at home, it’s wrong. So don’t fill your home with small things.
  • Keep the color palette in mind, even if you buy a small salt shaker, always keep in mind that it matches the theme of the room. Main color palette must be maintained.

So this is all about Small Home Decorating Tips and Tricks.