Safety Tips for Solo Female Travel in 2021

Safety tips for Solo Female Travel. Needless to say, Naznin’s courage has been growing steadily ever since. He used to go on solo trips as he used to go out with his friends. He likes to travel alone. You can go around happily like yourself. But experience like Naznin is not for everyone. Unbeknownst to him, he got along with good people. But this did not happen all the time. There have been bad experiences. So it is very important to keep the eyes and ears of the girls open on the solo trip.

There are several rules to follow on a Safety tips for Solo Female Travel


Taxi, Car awareness

Nowadays the era of apps. You can book a car through the app. Moreover, in the case of tourism, there are cars of certain tour planners and they are easily rented. Do a good search on the internet. Drive’s phone number, license, take a copy of everything. Be sure to remember the car number or take a picture. Arrange the rent in advance. Remember that the problem is solved by sweeping away the quarrel and talking calmly instead of getting the job done. Share your ride. Open the map on the smart phone. So that the driver of the car does not embarrass you. Of course in tourist destinations usually everyone is quite helpful and trustworthy.

Caution at the hotel

Remember all the information of the hotel. Leave the hotel phone number in the speed dial. Enter the room and check if there is a hiding camera. If there is a camera, there is a problem in the connection of the phone. Check out the bathroom. Be careful if you see anything suspicious in the hotel. Understand the situation and leave the hotel without arguing unnecessarily. Moreover, when booking a hotel, you should book after seeing its popularity.

Also beware of drinks and new friends

Going out alone means keeping yourself in control. Don’t go for less that your full potential. Because no one will take you home in a foreign land. Would rather be in danger. It is better not to rely on him or them when making new friends while traveling. Especially in the case of food and drink. It is better to choose a crowded kiln. Moreover, when meeting them, always share your live location with someone in the family.

Don’t take expensive things

It is safe not to go around with expensive watches, jewelry or any other accessories. Keep everything in the hotel room locked except the phone. Make online payments without leaving too much money in the wallet. Or keep with a debit or credit card.

Clothing conscious

Also be aware of clothing. Remember that no matter how feminist you are, the culture of the place you visit may not match you. So try to wear clothes that match the culture of the locals. Because you need to be aware of yourself to survive from naughty people.

Police contact

Find out the police station number wherever you go. Will come in handy in danger. Maintain your personality so that people understand you. Again, it is not unnecessarily dissatisfied.

Charge the phone

Always keep the phone and laptop charged. If necessary, it is better to take a local SIM. The cost of traveling abroad saves a lot.

Internet companion

Wherever you go, read about the place on the Internet. There are many solo trip groups of women on social media. You can seek advice from members of that group before traveling alone.

So, If you have any questions or queries regarding this tune you can ask a question by leaving a single comment in the comment box. Although, You are always welcome to to discuss your problems.