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Robi Minute Offer 2022 [Minute Offer & Activation Code]

Robi Offer 2022 [Minute Offer & Activation Code]

Robi Minute Offer 2022 Robi Offer 2022 Best minutes offer for Sunday 2022. Robi Best Minutes Offer 2022 Robi Attractive Minutes Offer 2022. Robi Minute Offer Dial Code 2022

Robi is the most popular and used mobile operator in Bangladesh. Robi provides great all minute offers to its customers. Currently the most popular mobile network in the country started its journey in Bangladesh. Sunday minutes are in high demand. Robi is preferred by everyone as it has a very good network in almost all parts of the country. Besides, Robi’s minute offers are very affordable. Every year Robi provides amazing offers.

Robi’s minutes offers are generally 3 days, 7 days and 30 days. Recently, Robi has launched an offer called Unlimited Minutes Offer, where Robi customers can purchase minutes for a period of 1 year. However, Robi’s 3-day, 7-day and 30-day minute offers are top of mind for most customers. Customers buy their preferred offers based on their needs and money. Robi Forge now provides very strong network.

Robi 3 Days Valid Minutes Offer 2022

Robi’s 3-day minutes offers are popular with many. For those who use a lot of minutes in a short period of time, these 3-day minutes offers are the top choice. Robi is providing several 3 days (72 hours) minutes offers to their customers. These offers can be a great choice for those who want to use more minutes at a lower cost. All minute offers for 3 days duration of Sunday and their activation codes are attached below.

Robi 7 days validity minute offer 2022

Rabi 7 days validity minute offers are used by many people who use regular minutes. Robi offers its customers very affordable minutes offer for 7 days. These packages of different prices can be purchased for a period of up to 7 days. Sunday 7 days validity minute offer and activation code is attached here. By dialing this activation code, you can easily purchase the 7 days validity minute packages.

Robi 30 days or 1 month validity minute offer

Robi 30 days validity minute offers are for regular Robi minutes users. Rabi 30 days validity minute offer once purchased no need to view or purchase offers again and again. If you buy a minute package according to your needs for 30 days, you can use Robi Internet safely for the next 30 days. These 30-day minute packages may seem a bit expensive, but the price per gigabyte of minutes is much lower than other packages. For those who use a lot of minutes throughout the month, these Sunday 30-day minute offers are very popular. Sunday 30 days validity minute offers are attached here.

Robi Attractive Minutes Offer 2022

Apart from these offers, Robi has some special attractive offers. Robi interesting minute offer 2022 you can also know here. Robi offers these attractive offers to some of their customers. Most offers are valid for a limited time. Many times the offers are not valid after the time has passed. Robi sends some offers in the form of messages to certain users’ SIMs. The condition of these offers is that only those whose SIM will receive this offer message can take these offers. Again there are some offers for those who activate closed SIM. This section is for those who don’t know how these Robi special offers will be down or who have deleted the SMS even though they received it on their phone. Robi special and attractive offers 2022 are given in this section. Which have the dial code or activation code attached, so that you can purchase it very easily.

Total Minute   Price Activation


5 Minutes TK. 3.04 *8666*002# 04 hours
12 Minutes Tk. 4.31 *8666*055# 06 hours
12 Min+12MB+


Tk. 12.18 *8666*12# 24 hours
15 Min+ 15 SMS Tk. 12.18 *8666*016# 1 day
25 Minutes Tk. 14 Recharge 14 Taka 16 hours
29 Min+29MB+


Tk. 29 Recharge 29 Taka 7 days
95 Minutes Tk. 59 *0*5# 7 days
105 Minutes Tk. 64 Recharge 64 Taka 7 days
170 Minutes Tk. 99 *0*6# 7 days
205 Minutes Tk. 118 Recharge 118 Taka 10 days
285 Minutes Tk. 183 *0*9# 30 days
335 Minutes Tk. 198 *123 *194# 30 days
360 Minutes Tk. 218 Recharge 218 Taka 30 days
380 Minutes Tk. 224 Recharge 224 Taka 30 days

Robi Attractive Minutes Offer 2022 (For Select Customers)

The following offers are provided by Robi only to certain Robi customers. Robi users often receive SMS on their phones. Apart from those who receive these SMS, some other users are also eligible for these offers. These offers are not for everyone though. There is no guarantee that you will receive these offers. But you can dial the activation codes below. Many times you are eligible for these offers without your knowledge. In that case you can activate these offers.

Minute Recharge Validity


14 BDT 16 hours


33 BDT 2 days


59 BDT 7 days


78 BDT 7 days


99 BDT 7 days


118 BDT 7 days


218 BDT 30 days


118 BDT 10 day

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