Pet Care During Monsoon | Take a Look at The Tips

Pet Care During Monsoon. We need to keep in mind the problems of hairy pets during the rainy season. It should be kept in mind that the incidence of various diseases and germs increases during this time. Even if you like in the rain, your pet may not. It is important to know how pets are affected during this time.

Every time it rains, the pets get in trouble and animals cannot speak, so they should given more attention. Because, if you are not aware, the suffering of the pet will increase. There will be bad smell from the body, there will be insects In the rainy season. If the moisture settles at the base of the hair, it will give off an odor and itch on the skin. But if you follow a few tips, you can easily avoid problems!

So let’s see the tips of Pet Care During Monsoon.

Wipe the body of the dog / cat with a dry towel:

Wipe the body of the dog with a dry towel every time you go out or after returning to the house after soaking in rain water. If your pet is hairy, then you need to be more careful As soon as the moisture settles in the hair follicles, it will give off a damp odor and itch the skin. When wiping the body, take care of the ears as well. It is very important to wipe every fold of the ear completely dry.

Avoid places submerged in water:

When going out for a walk with the dog. In addition to the fear of mosquito and other insect bites, your dog may be injured by sharp rocks or pieces of metal hidden under water. Dogs can easily infected during the rainy season. Pay attention to any kind of cut-rhyme. After returning home, wash the dog’s paws well with water so that there is no dirt.

Caution in drinking water:

Caution should be exercised in drinking water. Since dogs have low-immunity levels at this time, they are more likely to get waterborne diseases. So heat the water and then cool it and let it eat.

Bathe with anti-septic shampoo:

Bathe your dog with rose anti-septic shampoo so that your pet does not have any problem of insects or flies at this time. When wiping the body, take care of the ears as well. It is very important to wipe every fold of the ear completely dry. Each of the vaccinations that the doctor will tell you to take should taken at this time.

Do not take it out when it is raining heavily:

It becomes impossible to take the dog out when it rains very regularly. As a result, it should noted that the daily physical activity of the dog should not reduced so much. Keep your pet active at home.

Eat balanced food:

This time let your dog eat balanced food. Give a fiber rich diet, which is easy to digest. This way the weight of the dog will be under control.

Bacterial or fungal infections:

Dogs usually lick their fur. This is not unusual. But this time if you see your dog licking a lot and a bad smell is coming out, then you will understand that there is a bacterial or fungal infection.

Careful look at the weight of the pet:

Take care when you gain weight. Excess weight puts pressure on the heart, and the joints begin to weaken.

So, these are all about the Pet Care During Monsoon. Stay with us for update info.