New Symptoms Of Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Today I will inform about the New Symptoms Of Corona Virus. Corona infections are on the rise around the world due to the new strain. The infectious power is very high and the deterioration of the physical condition of the people affected by this new strain is very fast. The Experts warn that if it is not controlled in time, the infection could turn into a tsunami. This corona virus changes itself very quickly. Due to this, different symptoms of infection see in infected people at different times.

In recent times, children and young people are becoming more and more infected. The number of infected youth is increasing day by day. According to experts, various symptoms of covid saw young people. Dr Gauri Agarwal, founder-director of the Diagnostic Lab Genestrex Diagnostic Center, said young people were becoming more infected than adults. Young people have different symptoms of corona. As the virus spreads, so does the rate of mutation.

Now a days symptoms Of Corona Virus are increasing day by day. This new strain is also infecting children. The younger generation attacked more in the country. Doctor Gauri Agarwal said that this time youngsters infected more with covid 19 . And with that, there are saw different kind of symptoms. Some people have different symptoms including gastrointestinal, red eyes, headache. None of them had a fever.

As a result, the government has extended the covid test process The second wave of corona is dangerous for children. Khusrab Bajan, a consultant at PD Hinduja National Hospital in Mumbai and a member of CDD-19 in Maharashtra, said, “We are seeing corona infections in children under the age of 12-15. The second wave has become more deadly in the case of children than the first.

This time the infection is spreading very fast, it’s getting worse all over the country. Even in terms of daily attacks, new records have been see. According to doctors, this time the double mutant is spreading very fast among the people. In such situations, it is best to wash your hands frequently, use masks, and avoid crowded places.

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