New Price of Petrol, Diesel, Octane Oil 2022

New Price of Petrol, Diesel, Octane Oil 2022. The price of fuel oil has been increased in the country. Diesel and kerosene have been increased by Tk 34 per litre. Consumers now have to buy new diesel and kerosene at Rs. 114. On the other hand, octane has been increased by Tk 46 per litre. Now octane is 135 per liter and petrol has increased by 44 taka to 130 taka per liter. Accordingly, the price of diesel has been increased by 42.5 percent and octane-petrol has increased by 51 percent.

In the current global context, the government announced the decision to increase the price of fuel in the world market. This new price of fuel will be effective on Friday night. The Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources announced the new prices in a notification on Friday evening.

Petrol, Diesel, Octane Oil New Price 2022

After April 24, 2016, the government adjusted the price of fuel oil in the country on November 3 last year. At that time, the price of diesel and kerosene was increased by 15 rupees per liter. Then the price increased by 80 taka per liter. Confirming the price increase in a notification, the Ministry of Energy said that the retail price of diesel and kerosene will be Tk 114 per liter, Octane Tk 135 and Petrol at Tk 130 per liter within 40 km of the depot from Friday night.
New Price of Petrol, Diesel, Octane Oil 2022

State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid said, ‘Awami League government always takes decisions considering the comfort and convenience of our people. The government thought of increasing the price of fuel as long as possible. In view of the situation, some adjustments have to be made due to the situation.

Today Petrol, Diesel, Octane Oil Price 2022

In April 2016, the government reduced the price of fuel oil. If the situation is normal, the price of fuel oil will be revised accordingly. Neighboring India regularly adjusts oil prices due to rising oil prices in the global market. Last May 22, the price of diesel in Kolkata was Rs 92.76 per liter and petrol was Rs 106.03 per liter. which is still valid.

Accordingly, the price of these fuels in the country in Bangladeshi taka is 114.09 taka and 130.42 taka respectively. According to the notification of the Ministry of Energy, Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation has made a loss of 8 thousand 14 crores in the sale of fuel oil in the last six months (February 22 to July 2022). At present, due to the international oil market situation, rational price adjustments have become essential to keep BPC’s import operations normal.