MEmu The Best Free Android Emulator for PC

How are you all? Today I will inform a very important thing for everyone and that is MEmu the best free android emulator for pc. Anyway, let’s go to the tune!

Since 2012, the Android operating system has been slowly gaining popularity for mobile devices. And nowadays it can be said that the state of Android is running on mobile devices. At the same time, Android is making a lot of impact in the world of games. PC, Play-Station games as well as Android games are competing. The main tool of PC games is graphics and on the other hand the main tool of Android games is portability which means easy to carry! Just as Multiplayer Data 2 is very popular on PC for its graphics and gameplay, so is Clash of Clans popular on Android with its unique gameplay and the ability to play wherever it pleases, which is possible for Android mobile devices.

Developers have been trying to run Android apps and games on PCs since the Android operating system began to gain popularity. There are many problems in the Android emulators that are available in the market now, the biggest problem is that the speed of the emulator does not match the speed of the PC. But today I have brought for you MEmu, the best free Android emulator for PC!

For those who play online android games, the biggest problem of playing on mobile is that the charge of mobile is very low! There are also some fickle games that are not as fun to play on the small screen of the mobile. But not anymore, you can easily play Android games on PC very easily!

BlueStacks and Andy are two of the most used Android emulators in the market. With these two, I compared MEmu’s performance with yours today.


AnTuTu Benchmark

Surprisingly, MEmu’s score is the highest! However, many will say that everything is good on high-speed PC! But the best feature of MEmu is that it can adapt to the speed of your PC. This means that you will get dual core speed on your dual core PC, and you will get core eye speed on Core i series PC! Which is not available in other emulators! This means that the full speed of the PC is available in this emulator and it is very fast.

Besides, you have to pay $2 per month for the popular emulator BlueStacks, but MEmu is absolutely free! Moreover, MEmu has the most customizing features compared to other emulators. In MEmu you can customize the device brand, model, mobile number and even IMEI as you like.

Also another amazing feature of MEmu is that you can run many MEmu at the same time! This means you can play on 3/4 COC accounts at the same time! However, it depends on the speed of your PC!

So download MEmu today and have full fun of Android apps on PC!

Download the latest version from MEmu’s site:

System Requirements:

> Windows 7/8/10 32 or 64 bit operating system

> Core 2 Duo processor

> 1 GB RAM

> 512 MB GPU that supports OpenGL 2.0

> 2 GB of free hard disk space!

  • Pokemon Go!
  • Clash of Kings
  • Can be played on several IDs at the same time
  • Excellent use of keyboard and mouse!
  • There are different features for online games!
  • There is GPS feature

Sync MEmu with your Android mobile! And bring your mobile to PC!