Low Blood Pressure | Symptoms and causes

We are all more or less familiar with the term low pressure. Let’s find out, why is low blood pressure? What are the symptoms and what to do?

Pressure is going down, low blood pressure now everyone is more or less worried. There is nothing extra to worry about. Many people think that those who are in poor health suffer from it. This is not entirely true. Obese people may also have low pressure.

Systolic pressure is usually 90 m. Mr. Mercury and diastolic pressure 60 m. Mr. If it is below the mercury, it is called low blood pressure. If the pressure drops too much, the brain, kidneys and heart may not be able to flow properly. This can lead to illness. So if the pressure is low, it is very important to take some initial steps at home. It is just as bad for our body as high pressure. Excessive work can also lead to low blood pressure from anxiety, fear and nervous weakness.

Let’s take a look at the causes of low blood pressure

1) Dehydration in the body for any reason.

2) In case of diarrhea or excessive vomiting.

3) If the food is not eat properly or on time.

4) If there is weakness in digestion.

5) Due to infect with a long-term disease.

6) If there is a hormonal imbalance in the body.

7) If anemia occurs.

8) Even if you are physically injured or bleeding due to an accident and low pressure due to malnutrition can occur. In the case of pregnant mothers, low blood pressure can be caused by hormonal effects in the first six months of pregnancy.

Let’s see what are the symptoms of low blood pressure: –

Feeling dizzy or light-headed, dizzy and dizzy, dizzy or unbalanced when sitting or standing up after bed, dark eyes or mustard blossoms or blurred vision, physical weakness and mental exhaustion, concentration Unable to breathe, frequent breathing or cold hands and feet, feeling very thirsty, abnormally fast heartbeat, increased pulse rate means you are suffering from or are about to have low blood pressure.

Low or high pressure which is worse for us?

Both can be bad, but when asked which one is worse? Undoubtedly, low pressure is worse. This is because, if the blood pressure drops suddenly or for any reason, the vital organs of the body like kidneys, brain, etc. can damage immediately and instant death can also occur. This is why saline give intravenously to prevent dehydration in diarrhea. However, high pressure also causes damage in the long run. So high blood pressure must be controlled.

What can be done as treatment: –

There is no specific treatment for low blood pressure. Treatment require according to the symptoms of it. If it is due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance in the body, then just eating saline in the mouth can cure it. However, those who have long-term low pressure, they must consult a doctor.

What to do to control low blood pressure: –

1) People with low blood pressure should not sit or lie in the same place for a long time.

2) Get up carefully or slowly when getting up after sitting or lying down for a long time.

3) Eat light food frequently. If you stay on an empty stomach for a long time, your pressure may drop further.

4) Drink enough pure water.

5) A pinch of salt can eat at meal time.

6) You can put glucose and saline in the daily food list.

So, these are all for today. Stay with us for more update info.

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