Integrated GPU Vs Dedicated GPU | Which is Beneficial for You?

Integrated GPU Vs Dedicated GPU: When it comes to buying a new PC, especially when buying a laptop, the issue that expert users are in all-time confusion is the choice of graphics card! When buying a graphics card for a computer, you don’t have to worry so much because any graphics card supported by the motherboard can be installed later.

But when buying a laptop, the battery backup, weight, display size, RAM as well as the graphics card should be taken into consideration. Because you can’t change these things later on in the laptop. There are several types of graphics cards in laptops that you will see in the prospectus when buying a laptop. Such as integrated, discrete, dedicated etc. The first thing I want to say here is to remove the confusion that both Discrete and Dedicated carry the same meaning.

So basically there are two types of laptop graphics card, one is Integrated and the other is Dedicated graphics card. In today’s short tune, I will try to show you the differences between these two types of graphics cards and the benefits and advantages of both. Especially if you are thinking of buying a gaming laptop, you must pay special attention to the graphics card.

So let’s go straight to the main content Integrated GPU Vs Dedicated GPU without further ado:

Integrated graphics card:

I am talking about Integrated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) first. Integrated graphics cards do not use their own RAM, they basically manage their activities based on your system RAM. Suppose your PC has 4 GB of RAM, in this case this video card will work with 1 to 5 percent of your free RAM. These percentages are determined automatically based on your work. They automatically determine the percentage of usage. Such as less use when working in the ward, more use of graphics when playing games or multitasking.

The main advantage of integrated graphics is that it is very cheap in price! What else is the cheapest 3 conditions! Also the integrated graphics card gets very few hits compare to other graphics and consumes relatively less power units. Which is perfect for the long battery life of laptops. Laptops with such graphics cards are usually suitable for general tasks such as working in the ward, browsing the net, watching movies or playing 2D games. But this graphics card is not suitable for multitasking or gaming at all.

Nowadays we see the use of integrated graphics cards, usually on cheap tablets, laptops and computers. You will see the computers with integrated graphics cards, there are no separate details written about the graphics card! Many times when we buy a laptop, we do not see any separate text on the graphics card in its configuration list. Because there is an integrated GPU so there is nothing written separately. Many times we think the laptop does not have a GPU! Not really!

Dedicated graphics card:

Dedicated graphics cards have their own video memory system. This graphics cards on laptops are like computer graphics cards. This graphics card does not depend on the RAM of your system. Suppose your laptop has 8 GB of RAM and a 2 GB GTX 80M graphics card. Here the graphics card will work with its 2 GB of memory, not 8 GB of RAM on your system. If you are a professional graphics designer or a serious type of gamer, then these dedicated graphics card laptops will be perfect for you when buying a laptop.

Dedicated graphics cards rely on a few external things to perform well. The first is the perfect design! The design of the laptop should match the design of the graphics. We have no hand on it so I did not say anything more about it. The next one is the fan! Yes! This type of graphics card eats a lot of hits so you need to have a good quality fan or cooling system. Today’s high-end graphics cards have a liquid cooling system instead of a fan, which provides better service than the fan. Also another thing to keep in mind is that these dedicated graphics cards pull quite a power unit. So you won’t get good charge backup on these graphics card laptops, but high end configuration laptops are different. So in the end it can say that dedicated graphics cards are basically more expensive.

If you want to get a fairly budget laptop with a dedicated graphics card, you should not rely on the default cooling system of the laptop. Buy separate ventilated covers with at least two separate fans. And don’t run on batteries without the need for medium or low budget laptops without high end laptops. And if you do a lot of typing on a laptop, I would say you buy a separate keyboard. Because if you type on the keyboard of the laptop for a long time, the laptop may get wet due to sweating.

There are also some hybrid laptops available today that support both types of graphics cards. This means it will be in Integrated mode when you do normal work and it will work in Dedicated mode when you play games. And all these laptops with dual mode graphics cards are make separately for high end configuration in the present era. This is because of the need for such dual mode graphics to balance the battery life and performance of high end laptops.

So I hope I have been able to explain today’s content to you at least a little bit. Laptops for heavy work should not bought at all. There is no desktop option for heavy gamers or those who do graphics work.

These are all for today. So, If you have any questions or queries regarding this tune you can ask a question by leaving a single comment in the comment box. Although, You are always welcome to to discuss your problems