IBM Creates the World’s First 2 NM. Chip

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How will IBM Creates the processor ?

IBM has announced a groundbreaking change in the world of computer processors by creating 2 nanometer chips in a test lab. We know that the most important thing in making a processor is the nanometer technology of that processor. Where this indicator is use to create a processor. Where the lower the nanometer of a processor the higher the technological development or performance of the processor. IBM claims that their new test chip is 45% more efficient than the current 7-nanometer chip on the market.

Their test chip consumes 75% less energy than other chips on the market so it will be much better in performance. And the company claims that this will result in four times more battery performance than before. Meaning that the phone will have four times more battery backup than before. And by doing this, the mobile will need to be charged every four days. We all know that manufacturers always prioritize the transistors of a processor. A processor contains millions of transactions.

The distance from one transistor inside the processor to another is calculate in nanometers. Where one transistor after another is arrange successively. The shorter the distance from one transistor to another, the greater the processor’s data transfer. Also, the shorter the distance from one transistor to another, the less power the processor will consume. This means that the shorter the distance between the transistors inside the processor, the lower the power consumption of the processor, the longer the battery backup.

This is because any information from a transistor inside the processor to a transistor will reach faster and it will be faster to process them together.

This processor made by IBM can hold up to five trillion transistors in a nail-shaped chip. The processor is still in experimental use and is expecte to make a breakthrough in computer management in the years to come. Currently there is a processor of at least 7 nanometers in the market, where this processor would be the best if released in the market. This MD Raisen processor is among the processors of Seven Nanometer technology. However, before 2019, but the introduction of such processors did not start. But just four years before IBM started working on the 7-nanometer processor.

IBM Creates the World's First 2 NM. Chip
IBM creates the world’s first 2 nm chip

However, the companies that made the processors commercially announced that they would make more high-capacity low-nanometer processors in the next few years.

Pita Ruden, research director at market intelligence firm IDC, said the new invention should be considered a groundbreaking discovery. “We have seen that many companies provide or produce chips ranging from 14 nanometers to 10 nanometers and 10 nanometers to 8 nanometers,” he said. Where making a processor was a very difficult thing for someone to make a 7 nanometer processor.

He wonders if the new processor made by IBM will play a very important role in the field of artificial intelligence technology. Where some high-power graphics cards need to do certain things. Where this technology will bring many benefits. Which would be a groundbreaking solution to the device’s energy-efficient and fast data processing. And the more efficient processors of this technology will bring many more benefits to data centers.

The innovation is a message that IBM maintains its position as one of the leading companies in hardware research. According to IBM, the test chip for their 2-nanometer processor has been manufactured by Albani Research in the United States. At a time when there is a crisis in the production and supply of chips around the world, many feel that such an invention is a beacon of hope in the news technology market.

Hopefully this processor which will IBM creates add a new experience to the technology market in the future. Where we all can use the new devices much faster. It is hoped that the processor’s reliance on China and Taiwan will soon be reduced.

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