How to Use TikTok On PC in 2021

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You may have tried unsuccessfully to TikTok on PC for a long time! And many of us have suggested using TikTok using anonymous desktop software or using the TikTok app using the Android emulator. But now the days of so much trouble are over, you can easily use TikTok on PC.

How to Use TikTok On PC in 2021

Finally, TikTok has now released the PC app version and you don’t need to install any additional apps to use it. You can use TikTok directly using the browser app on your PC. For the most part on a PC, it works just like a mobile app. Although the first time you use the PC version of TikTok you need to carefully review the desktop layout. Otherwise you may have some problems operating TikTok. Besides, some of the features in the mobile apps have been disabled in the desktop version. But I think the features that are there are enough for the users.

How to use TikTok on PC

To access from your PC, go to Once you go to the web site to see the Watch Now button, click on it. You have access to TikTok from your PC, isn’t it easy?

You can watch this video by clicking on the panel of each video on the homepage or by searching in the search option above to find more content.

If you have used TikTok before using the previous web site, you know that the previous TikTok web version did not have the option to search. As a result, you could not search with any tags or phrases. But with a little ingenuity you could easily search using the following methods: Here-search-keyword can be typed.

However, one of the reasons for not providing this search feature in the previous version is that users install the TikTok app on their mobile devices. However, they have a search feature on the new web site, so you can easily find any content by searching.

You can also manually search for any user ID using the website link below –

For now, these are the main activities for browsing TikTok on your PC. We hope that in the future TikTok will remove all the limitations of their PC version and present a more user friendly web app. Until you can bookmark this guideline so that you can solve any problem as soon as you read it.

How to upload TikTok videos and access your account

How to Use TikTok On PC in 2021

You can upload TikTok videos to PC just like mobile apps and you can easily upload videos by following the steps shown below. To upload videos to TikTok, first go to and click the Upload button at the top right.

After clicking the upload button at the top right, you can login using your previous account or create a new one. If you’re a new user to TikTok, you can use more social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram to login and automatically create an account.

However, we recommend downloading the TikTok app first and using the app you can gain more control from the web site. You go to this link to download the app for iOS operating system. And go to this link to download the app for Android operating system. You can also search Google to get a basic idea of ​​how to use TikTok.

Once you are signed in, you can start uploading videos. When uploading any content, click the Upload button at the top right of the screen. Clicking the upload button will take you to the upload page. Then click on the Select a Video to Upload area to browse and select your file on your computer or drag and drop. Navigate to the video you want to upload, select the video file and then the upload will start automatically.

If you are new to TikTok, know that you need to upload videos below 60 seconds. And videos with a resolution of 720 × 1280 or higher. Moreover, videos shot in portrait mode are always of good quality, but you can also upload videos in landscape mode. And when you watch a landscape video, you see black bars at the top and bottom of the video.

Uploading your video will now show some options from TikTok to edit the video caption, tag users and add hashtags. So you can find the tags using either of these two symbols @ or #.

Suggestions appear when you start typing using the two symbols @ or #. And with this you can search out the popular hashtags, because you can easily find out how many TikTok videos have been tuned using a hashtag.

And you won’t find most of the powerful editing features of TikTok in the desktop version. You cannot select music which is one of the features of TikTok and you cannot add captions to the video yourself. However, for those who are having trouble uploading videos from their mobile, the desktop version of TikTok is very useful.

Moreover, if you want to use all the features of TikTok, you must install an Android emulator on your PC and use the TikTok app. Then you can access all the features of TikTok’s mobile app.

Although this method has some disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of this is that TikTok often crashes or doesn’t work when you try to upload videos using an emulator. Because TikTok’s developers are working hard to stop using the emulator so that users can be tracked.

How to Use TikTok On PC in 2021

Will there be a desktop version of TikTok’s full functionality soon?

TikTok has created a web version of TikTok using a similar approach to Instagram. They want users to install and use mobile apps rather than web versions. So they have purposefully limited the features of the web version.

Unfortunately, this means that the desktop version of TikTok may always have limited the great video editing features of mobile. Moreover, uploading content using Android emulator also works very little. There are also many apps in the Microsoft Store that claim to support all the features of TikTok on the desktop. But we have seen through research that we have not found any such application like the real TikTok.

So what does this mean? Either you need to change the limited activity policy on the official TikTok website. Or if TikTok is the most important thing in your work or social life then you need to change your workflow. So that you can easily transfer videos from your mobile and upload videos from your mobile easily.

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