How To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication in cPanel

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This post is about to know that How To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication in cPanel account. We all know more or less about two-factor authentication. But many of us do not know how to use it. Many cPanel users want to use two-factor authentication in the interest of their data security. At fir2st we want to know about Two-Factor Authentication.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication enhances server protection via asking customers to provide a unique code, supplied by an app on their cellphone, after they log in.

While -thing authentication is turned off, cPanel & WHM asks customers to enter two pieces of information. A public username and a personal password. If no one besides the consumer knows the password, it proves they may be who they claim to be. Password-based totally “one-aspect” authentication is comfortable if the password is hard to wager and customers sincerely do keep it Secret.

How To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication in cPanel
How To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication in cPanel

Now I will tell you How To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication in cPanel:

A smart phone is a must to use the two factor option. If you have a smart phone, follow the steps below to configure two-factor authentication.

1. Login to your C-Panel account.

2. Click on Two-Factor Authentication from the Security section.

3. Click on Set Up Two-Factor Authentication.

4. Install a QR Code Scanner application from the app store of your smart phone and scan the QR code that you see in Step 1. Once scanned you will get a 7 digit code. Put the code in step 2 shown in the picture and click on the Configure Two-Factor Authentication button.

If for some reason you do not see the QR code in Step 1, you will see a username and a secret key below the code. Put this information in your install application and later you will get a 6 digit code in the same way, put the code in step 2 and configure it.

So ,this is the system to set Up Two-Factor Authentication in cPanel. And stay with us for more information.