How To Send WhatsApp Message To Multiple People

How To Send WhatsApp Message To Multiple People: The task of sending the same message to multiple people at the same time on WhatsApp is quite daunting! There is no other way but to create a group or send a message to everyone one by one. However, we have a way to solve this problem. Find out.

WhatsApp has several interesting features. Again, because there are not many features, users sometimes complain. As well as that again, multiple groups of WhatsApp also become a cause of annoyance a lot of the time. WhatsApp group also has no option to deliver the same message to many people at the same time. However, you can use WhatsApp’s Broadcast Message feature without having to create groups to send a message to multiple people at once. This feature allows you to send messages to multiple people at once without having to create groups easily.

Find out How To Send WhatsApp Message To Multiple People.

What is a broadcast list?

Broadcast lists allow you to send messages from your contact list to multiple people at once. First you need to create this list in WhatsApp. If you then send a message to this broadcast list, it will reach everyone on that message list as a private chat. This will save you from creating unnecessary groups.

How to use Broadcast List on WhatsApp?

First you need to create a broadcast list. A maximum of 256 people can be added to a broadcast list. However, to add someone to the broadcast list, you need to have that person’s number saved on your phone.

How to create a broadcast list?

  • Open WhatsApp and select the three dot menu at the top right.
  • Then select the New Broadcast option.
  • Now select the person you want to add to the broadcast list from your phone contacts.
  • Your broadcast list will be created by tapping the check mark.
  • If you send a message to that broadcast, every person on the list will get a message like a normal WhatsApp chat.
  • They don’t even know how many more people are involved in the same broadcast. If any of them reply, you will see it in normal WhatsApp chat instead of broadcast.

How to edit broadcast list?

  1.  Open any broadcast list on the phone.
  2.  Now select the Three Dot menu and select Broadcast list info.
  3. Here you can add a new person to the broadcast list or remove any person from the broadcast list. Also, the name of the broadcast list can change.