How to Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time and Technology…

Today we talk about How to Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time and Technology. Lately, one thing is very noticeable, many children are sitting with mobile phones even when going to restaurants or parks! No fuss, no curiosity about what’s going on around him, his eyes fix on that device. I think back to our childhood, what a lively time it was.

Is our next generation losing their naughty childhood due to misuse of technology? Excessive addiction to children’s smartphones is a cause for concern for parents these days. We are handing over the device to the parents to fill the deposit or to keep the child busy or to keep the child temporarily calm. Instead of toys and paintbrushes, it seems inappropriate to see a smartphone in the hands of a small child. What should parents do to overcome this addiction? Let us know How to Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time and Technology.

Let’s look at a statistic first

Your Child's Screen Time
How to Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time

According to UNICEF, one in three Internet users in the world is a child. And every day, one lakh 75 thousand, that is every half a second, a child connect to the Internet. And children can easily enter the virtual world through smartphones. 3/4 year old children now know YouTube, cartoons can be seen comfortably with a smartphone! The children of our country are not at a safe distance from the aggressive addiction of technology. According to BTRC data, about 3.5 percent of children in the world regularly use the Internet!

Why a smartphone in a child’s hand?

If you think about the present time, you will see that parents are handing over smartphones to their children for online classes. This is actually a situation demand, this support is needed during the coronation period to continue the study. But why forget a very small child with a smartphone? Although, If you leave cartoons on the mobile while feeding, the child will eat quickly and sit quietly for some time – I have heard such things from many parents. Children’s addiction to smartphones is on the rise due to busy schedule of parents, not giving proper time to the child, whimsy of family members, loneliness, lack of sports environment.

What kind of damage is being done to your child?

We all know more or less how harmful it is for young children to use mobile excessively. Even then, for those who are not yet aware of this, I would like to inform them how much our next generation is at risk. Because Excessive use of electronic gadgets is a major obstacle to the physical and mental development of children.

  • The child’s development of thinking hamper and he loses interest in creative work.
  • High-speed games or media content on the mobile disturbs the child’s normal attention, making the child hyperactive.
  • Many times the child learns the negative aspects of his favorite cartoon character and wants to apply it in real life.
  • Hours after hours of mobile games damage the child’s eyes. Physical problems such as headaches, loss of appetite, back pain, obesity or obesity can also occur.
  • Offensive content teaches children violence. Moral decay will not take long.
  • The role of parents in reducing the child’s mobile addiction

Find out what parents and others in the family can do to reduce a child’s mobile addiction.

How to Reduce Your Child's Screen Time and Technology
How to Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time

1) Make time

In this age of technology, watching cartoons, mobile games is not possible to keep the child away from them. Give a limited range of screen time. It will be good for the child to see something educational or awareness at this time, to be able to learn something new. And brain development games, learning namata, word matching, watching rhymes can be given some time for these, but be careful not to go to the stage of addiction. Set aside time, if you can, to stay up-to-date and keep child-friendly browsing features on.

2) Keep the baby busy

Writing, crafting or crafts, indoor games can keep the child busy. Children’s interest in new games increases. Although Ask them to make words with different letters and sentences with words. Show him how to make a boat, a plane, a flower with colored paper and ask him to do the same. Teach to make cards with paper, color pencils. So, It will be learned by playing tricks. And if the child can write, give him a topic, ask him to write a story or a rhyme. This will reduce the child’s addiction to mobile games a lot.

3) Encourage gardening

You can plant some plants of your choice on the balcony or in a tub in one corner of the roof. Encourage your child to do the same. Weeds will clean, water the trees, get acquainted with nature. The children enjoy it, learn to recognize new flowers, fruits and vegetables. He will be busy taking care of his garden, so he will not have to stay up all day with the device, which means mobile addiction will come down a lot.

4) Reduce your device time

Kids will learn by watching you, right? Do not use the device in front of them unless necessary. Explain if you need to. And working parents give free time to the child, strictly tell the person who is watching your child all day so that he does not give the child the phone all the time. I have seen many parents do not give time to the child, get annoyed and hold the phone in their hand so that he is quietly busy with it! Don’t do it at all. Give the child time, make his childhood more joyful.

You can also take your child for walks on holidays, ask him to help with small chores around the house, tell stories, teach songs, and fly kites on the roof. Give color books, colors, toys, rhyme books without a smartphone in the child’s hand. You are the only one who can give your child a beautiful childhood gift. Then you know how to eliminate the tendency of children towards mobile. Take steps today to protect yourself and your family from the curse of technology.

So these are the way that’s How to Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time and Technology. And also visit this site for Job related News