How to Prevent Heart Attack at A Young Age

Today I will talk about How to Prevent Heart Attack at A Young Age. Nowadays, there are various pressures in the life of all people. And for a long time lockdown, problems at work, various physical problems are increasing the mental stress in all people. There has also been a change in eating habits. Going to work confined within four walls all day, no physical work is done in such a way. And to keep a good mind, most people force food. The habit of eating fast food has increased a lot more than before. Weekend also means more emphasis on eating.

At the same time, many people are addicted to alcohol. And so many people do not understand even if the body is bad inside so many things. Also, if there is a problem, just ignore it and ignore it. If you torture your body like this day after day, your body will get worse. Because of working at home, many people wake up just 10 minutes before office hours and go to work. He stays awake for a long time even at night. The combined effect of all this but falls on the body. And so to keep the heart healthy, life needs to be controlled. There are several rules to follow. First of all, you have to rush to eat.

Take a look How to Prevent Heart Attack at A Young Age.

Fruits and vegetables – There are many people who do not have a habit of eating any vegetables. Among the vegetables, eat only potatoes. And they don’t even go by the fruit. Such people suddenly get into trouble. When the body is seriously bad but they do not understand why it is happening. So you have to eat vegetables and fruits according to the rules. Put seasonal fruits for breakfast. Eat fruit for breakfast.

Absolutely avoid meat-red meat: Try eating breasts or leg pieces while eating chicken. It will be good for the body to have more protein. Don’t eat more oily and spicy chicken. Vegetables must be eaten.

Eat different nuts – almonds, walnuts, pesto, walnuts every day. You can get up in the morning and eat different nuts one by one. Or nuts can be used for afternoon snacks. It will also fill the stomach but also good for the body.

Fish- Shrimp, Pomfret, Pabda, Hilsa are the fish of choice but they are high in fat. And so try to avoid all these fish. Rather eat small fish. Roi, Katla eat these local fish. Good for the body. It is better to eat chicken stew.

Cereals – Different types of cereals like oats and dahlias should be included in the food list. Oats are very good for the body. Heart stays good. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. You can also eat sunflower seeds, palm seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds but regularly. Also good for diabetes, cholesterol.

Eat sour yoghurt – milk, tea, pies, sweets are excluded from the daily routine. Rather eat sour yogurt. You can eat tokadai after eating rice. You can also eat sour yogurt for breakfast. Sour yogurt helps shed fat, keeps the heart well.