How to make an Aircraft Jet Engine….

Today I will talk about How to make an Aircraft Jet Engine? Every action has equal and opposite reaction Every action has equal and opposite reaction. Isaac Newton’s third theory is that the engine of an aircraft can fly an aircraft in the sky. The aircraft’s engine absorbs air from the front and releases it under extreme pressure at the rear, creating a strong thrust or push, which propels the aircraft forward. So let’s see How to make an Aircraft Jet Engine?

Different parts of an Aircraft Engine

Aircraft Jet Engine
How to make an Aircraft Jet Engine

There are four main parts in an aircraft engine.

1.Intake fan


3.Combustion Chamber


Intake fan: The job of the intake fan is to get air into the engine from outside.

Compressor: The air first enters the compressor through the intake fan. The compressor compresses the air and sends it to the combustion chamber.

Combustion Chamber: When the compressor compresses the air and sends it to the combustion chamber, the combustion chamber produces energy by burning the air with the help of fuel. The burning of air here produces a variety of gases, including carbon dioxide, which produces a lot of powerful energy.

Exhaust: When the air from the combustion chamber burns and turns into different gases, these gases try to escape at supersonic speed. Since the gases cannot escape through the front due to the ingress of air from the front. The gases escape from the rear at supersonic speeds with the help of this exhaust at the rear. Which propels the aircraft forward.

Some secret technology for aircraft engines: The metal companies that make some parts for aircraft engines keep it so secret that no one else can make it easily. To date, only a handful of companies in the world have been able to build an efficient aircraft engine. I am highlighting the parts of 4 main aircraft engines

Compressor: Compressor is one of the high-tech parts in the aircraft engine. Many compressors made with wheel wheels. But the wheel of every will does not turn. Each rotating wheel fit with a stationary blade. Modern jets can compress the air at a ratio of 1.44, 1.50 and put it inside the engine. Atmospheric pressure is usually 14.7 PSI, so understand that a compressor can compress this air 44 to 50 times.

As the wind passes through each blade, the air gradually becomes much more compressed. So if you ask a question or say that if you apply a lot or more blades then the compression of the air will increase more. In this case, I would like to inform you that if the number of blades increased. The air pressure will increase several times. For this, it has to be made in a perfect way by doing many calculations. So that sufficient amount of air can compress.

Combustion Chamber: Another important part used in jet engines is the Combustion Chamber. The air in the combustion chamber burn with the help of fuel. And when the air burn here, the temperature here reaches 2000 degrees Celsius. There are very few substances that have an intake of up to 2,000 degrees centigrade. Any ordinary substance will melt in that situation.

For this, scientists use a technology called reverse flow. With this technology, only 20% of the air that flows to the combustion chamber after compression can enter the combustion chamber. The remaining 80% of the air enters through the outside of the combustion chamber and re-enters the chamber in the opposite direction with the help of small holes in the wall of the chamber. Creates a layer of air. With the help of which the excessive temperature / fire created in the Combustion Chamber cannot touch the walls of the Combustion Chamber.

Aircraft Jet Engine
How to make an Aircraft Jet Engine

For which the inner part of the combustion chamber remains cold. However, this work has to be done by calculating a huge amount. This is because if less air enters the combustion chamber, the fuel in the chamber will not burn as much as it should. Again, if more air enters the Combustion Chamber, the problem is that the fire can extinguish. Suppose you can’t light a match in a storm.

Turbine: One of the most important components used in a jet engine is the turbine in the engine. ((Did you know that the turbine used in jet engines is the most high-tech man-made object in the world to date). Then the wind blows through here again at supersonic speeds. Just think, when there are different cyclones or storms on earth. If the speed of these storms is only 200 kilometers per hour, then our house will be landed.

This means that even if the wind blows at a speed of 3000 kilometers per hour. If the temperature of the wind is 1500 degrees Celsius, where the glass melts at 1200 degrees Celsius, then how can this turbine survive? And that’s why every aircraft manufacturer in the world keeps the technology of turbine blades used in their aircraft engines a secret.

It is now seen that the aircraft manufacturers make small holes in the blades of the turbines in the aircraft engines so that cold air can flow through those holes. This allows the temperature of the turbine and the blade to be kept cool.

Using all these incredible technologies, the jet engine is considered to be one of the most secretive man-made technologies ever invented. So these are all that How to make an Aircraft Jet Engine.