How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram?

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram? At the moment, Telegram is growing in popularity just like WhatsApp. And there are several ways to find out if someone has blocked you in that Telegram. Take a look at them.

Telegram is a free instant messaging service. This platform has become quite popular as an alternative to WhatsApp. The emphasis on consumer protection is on telegrams. Open Source Cross Platform This messaging service uses end-to-end encrypted video calls, voice calls, file sharing and other features. Also, there is the company’s end-to-end encrypted Secret Chat feature. More than 500 million Android subscribers have already downloaded this messaging app from Google Play Store.

Like other messaging platforms, Telegram can block other users. If someone blocks you on Telegram, you can no longer message him on this messaging platform. But, how do you know if someone has blocked you? Let’s see it.

Unsent message

If you send a message to someone who has blocked you on Telegram, even if the message is sent, it will never be delivered. However, if the person on the other end is offline or the account is deleted, the message will not be delivered. Therefore, it is not possible to be sure that someone has blocked you from this feature.

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Display picture

If you think someone has blocked you on Telegram, go to their profile and see the picture. If you don’t show any pictures there, that person may have blocked you. However, that person may have deleted the picture from their own account. In that case also you will not see any picture in Telegram account.


It is possible to see when a customer was last online at Telegram. However, that feature can be disabled. Even if someone blocks you on Telegram, you will not see his status. Even if the person on the other end is online, you won’t see it. Instead you will see ‘Long time ago’.

In that case you can check the account status of that person from another Telegram account. There is no specific way to know if someone has blocked you on Telegram. However, after examining the above methods and analyzing them together, it is possible to understand whether someone has blocked you.

These are all for today. So, If you have any questions or queries regarding this tune you can ask a question by leaving a single comment in the comment box. Although, You are always welcome to to discuss your problems

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