How to Find the Location of the Stolen Mobile?

Today I will talk about How to Find the Location of the Stolen Mobile? Nowadays, it is normal to lose or steal a phone, but it is not normal to find it. Every day around us many mobile phones stolen or lost. But if we want, we can retrieve the stolen phone or delete all the information or data from the stolen phone. So how do I find out the location of a lost or stolen mobile ?? And if I can’t find out, how do I delete all the data on the phone? Let’s not know how to find the location of lost or stolen mobile. And how to delete stolen mobile data.

How do you know where the smartphone is?

We can try to find the lost phone. And this opportunity is given by software like “find my device” on Android. If this is your Android phone then it is already installed. And if not, you can download it from the Play Store. And with the help of this you will be able to find your smartphone later. But for him, it must kept active.

How to find the location of lost or stolen mobile?

Now if your hobby mobile phone lost. So how to find the location of lost or stolen mobile? You need to go to website and login with your google account. For this, you must have Google account in your smartphone.

Location of stolen mobile

And the location must be on. Now when you log in, the map will show you the current location of your phone. Once the place is know you can go there and recover the phone.

But there is no need to take risks if you are a stranger. You can take the help of Bangladesh government police. Or you can delete all the data on the phone if you want.

How to delete lost mobile phone data?

Find out the location of the lost phone when you; Then there you will find three options. One of them is “play sound”; With the help of which even if your phone is silent, its ringtone will ring.

The other is the “secure device” with the help of which you can change the password of your phone. And now it is time to delete all your important information. This method is called “remote wipe”. The last of the three options is “erase device”.

Which allows you to delete all your important data from your stolen smartphone; This will allow you to delete all information including messages and phone numbers.

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