How to Download Copyright Free Images and Videos?

I hope you are all well. Today I will talk about How to Download Copyright Free Images and Videos from Goggle and YouTube. At the moment we have to read your big problem with copyright. When it comes to making different videos, those videos are deleted due to copyright problems. Whether it is face-book-YouTube, uploading videos anywhere, it is not possible to say where the copyright comes from, and for this reason we have to be a big obstacle to make videos. And that’s why we can’t create any good content but in today’s article I will tell you how you can download copyright free photo videos. Easily from Google and YouTube.

So let’s see how to download copyright free videos and photos. To make each of our videos from YouTube and Google we need photos and the photos we have to collect are the most photos from different places. Happens. But today I will teach you a rule by which you can download these photos from Google and download copyright free videos from YouTube.


How to download copyright free photos from Google.

It can be done with both mobile and computer, you just have to do a little work to do it on mobile. That is, after going to Google Mobile on your mobile, you have to go to the desktop site by clicking on the top three dot on the right side of your mobile. Then it will look like a computer, then all you have to do is search for the photo you need. You will search for space issues or Islamic issues or sports you need. After searching for pictures of space, you will come across thousands of pictures but these are not copyright free. You will need a little work to make copyright free I am describing below.

1. Search any topic of your choice

2. Click on the image option

3. Then click on the Tools option.

4. We will click on User Right and then we will click on Creative Commons

I did the first Google search of the picture of space, then who brought me. After coming to the picture, I will be able to look at the edge. There is a tool written here. I will click here. It will be seen on the mobile if you make the mobile a desktop site. Then I will have some more options. From there we will click on User Right and then we will click on Creative Commons. Then all the photos that will come in front of us will be copyright free as I have shown in the picture step-by-step. If you don’t understand, you can do the job by looking at the picture.


Then I will tell you how to download copyright free videos on YouTube, that is, to download completely copyright free videos, we will first go to YouTube and then we will do a search, so we searched by typing natural videos.

Then I will do like showing the picture


You can see here that after searching natural video on YouTube, clicking on filter option, I will click on creative commons from there, then I will get copyright free video from where you can download video and upload it to your channel but in that case it is a little bit like downloading and uploading. It would be better to edit. Or YouTube could cause problems.

Hope you understand how to download copyright free content from YouTube and google. You will like today’s article.

If you have any questions or queries regarding How to Download Copyright Free Images and Videos you can ask a question by leaving a single comment in the comment box. You are always welcome to to discuss your problems.

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