History of Mobile Phones | What was the First Mobile

Today I will discuss about History of Mobile Phones. At present we all have smartphones in our hands. In the past, there has never been such a proliferation of electronic products as mobile phones. There was a time when using a mobile phone was like a luxury. Because at that time only rich people could use mobile phones. But now mobile phone use is no longer a luxury and it does not seem like an expensive product. On the contrary, the mobile phone has become an essential part of everyday life.

Although we all use mobile phones, many of us still do not know about the early days of making or inventing mobile phones. So in today’s tune I will discuss the first stage of mobile phone discovery. But for this, you must watch the whole tune carefully till the end.

Discovery of the world’s first mobile phone

Compared to that mobile almost five decades ago, today’s smartphone is like a super computer. This mobile phone is a very important accessory in modern life. It can be said that at present we do not have a single moment without a mobile phone. The story of the invention of the mobile phone will be told in today’s tune.

In 1963, engineer Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone in New York City, USA. That’s why Martin Cooper is called the father of mobile phones. He worked for Motorola, a small telecom company at the time. Engineer Martin Cooper dreamed of a day when everyone would have their own phone. And he can be contacted at any time through that phone.

However, at that time people did not use wireless mobile phones but used wired telephones. At the time, the telephone meant something that was connected to the wiring table at home. And that’s why the idea of ​​a mobile phone was like a science fiction to the common man.

The first made mobile phone

The first mobile phone model was unveiled at the Hilton Hotel in New York in April 1983, 46 years ago today. The first mobile phone was 10 inches long, 2 inches wide and about 4 inches thick. That mobile phone weighed more than one kilogram. And now, even if we talk for hours on end with our mobile phone, a small percentage of the charge runs out, but if we talk with that phone for only 20 minutes, the battery of the phone would run out. But in the real sense, making such a phone at that time was also an impossible challenge.

The first mobile call in the history of the world was made by Martin Cooper. AT&T was then the largest telecom company not only in America but in the whole world. Mobile phones were invented based on a technology called cellular technology invented by AT&T. At that time, AT&T did not think of moving around with the phone in hand. They invented this technology to connect the telephone to the car. But the small company Motorola also went beyond the imagination of the then largest telecom AT&T in the world.

The market value of the first made mobile

However, it took another ten years for the first mobile phone to hit the market. Motorola’s Dyna

TAC 8000X was the first phone to hit the market in 1983. The first mobile phone priced was at 3,995. The current market value of which was about 9 lakh rupees. Besides, the call rate of this mobile was much higher then.


In those days mobile phones used as a toy for many rich people. Because the price of mobile at that time was skyrocketing. The first Dyna TAC 8000X model phone looks like a brick to many, but it looks like a shoe to many. So many called it The Brick, while others called it Shoe Phone. However, Martin Cooper named it Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage.

Maybe no one has realized that mobile phones will become so important in people’s lives. Nowadays mobile phones do not have radio, TV, music player, camera, internet? A smartphone at hand is the solution to almost all digital problems. If you want, you can watch any video from the internet, know the weather information of the current location, start playing video games and many other things can do.

Today, more than 75 percent of the world’s population has access to mobile phones, and more than 511 million people use mobile phones regularly. Although the birth of the mobile phone started with Motorola, only 10 companies now occupy 8% of the global smartphone market. Although Motorola started production of the first mobile phones, in the current world, Motorola is not in the first position in terms of mobile production or popularity. Where in the forefront are companies like Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi.

Nowadays we can easily communicate from one end of the earth to the other using mobile phones. Using the deep space network invented by the US space agency NASA, it is possible to maintain communication from the Earth to the outside of the solar system. An example of this is the Voyager 1 mission. In 1987, NASA conducted the Voyager mission. Voyager 1 is still the farthest man-made object or spacecraft from Earth.

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