Facebook Take Down 3.5 Crore Post In 45 Days for Unlawful Content

Facebook Take Down 3.5 crore Post In 45 Days. There are a total of 10 rules for publishing the right content on Facebook. If any of them are violate in any way, this social media giant deletes that content. Recently, Facebook has deleted a total of 3.5 crore content on such allegations.

Facebook is getting tougher on content publishing, as evidenced by the latest report. About 33 million pieces of content have deleted to keep the platform safe, Facebook said on Tuesday. Such content violates any of the 10 rules of use of Facebook. The social media giant has removed all this content from its platform in about 45 days from June 16 to July 31 this year.

Not just Facebook. Action has also taken against 28 million posts on Instagram. These posts reported to have violated at least one of the 8 rules for using Instagram. A Facebook spokesperson said: “We’ve invested heavily in technology over the last few years. This is done to protect the customers of the platform. We emphasize this so that customers can express their views freely on our platform. Appropriate action take to identify content that violates community guidelines through the Artificial Intelligence and Community Report Forum.

The company’s second monthly report for June 16 to July 31 revealed data, according to Facebook. Action has taken against 2.56 crore spam content during this period. Also, 3.5 million graphics that could leave violence have also removed from the platform. In addition, a total of 123,400 contents on this social platform have prosecuted for harassment. 1.1 million graphic content has also removed from Instagram, which could spread violence. Also, action has taken against 811,000 content users for having posts like suicide or self-harm.

The social media company said in its first monthly report, published in July, that action had taken against 1.8 million content users on charges of nudity and sexual activity. On the other hand, action has taken against 2.5 million contents for having violent images. Also, action has taken against 2.5 crore content for spamming.

A total of 1,504 reports submitted to Facebook between June 16 and July 31. At the same time, Instagram has 265 reports. It learned that action has taken on the basis of all the reports from these two platforms.

A total of 3 million accounts have been blocked during the same period, according to Facebook. A total of 594 complaints led to the banning of these accounts between June 16 and July 31. Recently, a report from the company revealed this information. In a report released on Tuesday, WhatsApp also said that a total of 3,027,000 accounts were blocked in India during the same period.

Google claims that a total of 36,394 complaints lodged during the same period. Also, the search engine company removed a total of 95,680 content. On May 26, a new IT law was enact in the country. According to the law, digital platforms that have more than 5 million subscribers are require to submit complaint reports every month. Also, what action has taken on the basis of the allegation under this Act.

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