Facebook Boost Problem Solution

Today we talk about facebook boost problem solution. Nowadays, those of us who are involve in online business e-commerce or f-commerce often get into trouble when it comes to boosting Facebook.

Due to not knowing the basic rules of Facebook, our ad close (facebook ad rejecte), ID suspend (ad account disabled for policy violation), page also restrict (page restrict from advertising).

Let’s find out Facebook Boost Problem Solution

Facebook Boost Problem
Facebook Boost Problem

We know what causes rejection. But for those who have already been rejected, what is the solution to their problem?

Above are two video links. If you watch these two videos, you will hopefully find out why the problem occurs and what the solution is. If you still have problems, you can contact us by watching the videos from Pentanik IT YouTube channel, we will try our best to help.

How to review a Facebook ad

When we boost a post, Facebook checks it with its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) software. Normally so many ads are boost every day, every hour, every minute, every second, because of which it is almost impossible for Facebook staff to check all the ads manually. Due to which these are checking with the help of software. So if a policy violates or violates the rules, the automatic software blocks it, then if we apply to Facebook or request a manual review, then the Facebook staff checks it themselves. If we actually break the rules of Facebook and give ads, then even after manually checking our ads will not accepted. The chances of recovering the ad account / page are also reduce. And if it happens that your ad is block due to a software error, then your account / page is open after manual review.

What causes Facebook to reject ads?

  • Cannot use images or text that are not your own content. This is where many ads get stuck, trying to boost brand / watch / mobile band products on different clothes.
  • Post in using any kind of pornographic pictures or videos. Video of any part of the human body zoomed in. Many gymnasiums or weight loss organizations ad stick to this policy
  • This type of comparative post cannot give before / after use. Advertising of baldness solution / skin coloring cream is stuck in this policy
  • The user’s personal information cannot request. For example, are you single? Do you worry about buying Eid dress?
  • Any type of drugs / illegal products or related products. Many times perfume bottles or cold drink bottles stuck in this policy due to auto software. If you request a review later, it will take a few days to fix it again. However, when he went to run Sam Ed again later, he got stuck again.
  • Many people write imo, what’s app when writing down the phone number below, sticking to this. face book / fb / youtube / yt It is better not to write these. The design that boosted, even if the Facebook page / YouTube link gave or the icon used
  • No screenshot of Facebook can boost.
  • You can’t boost that post by adding a link to another Facebook tune / group.

Let us now look at some case studies of software errors

Facebook Boost Problem
Facebook Boost Problem


According to the rules of Facebook, any button that looks like it can click, but nothing happens when it is click, is outside the rules of Facebook. Here is a page admin, BBH just wrote with a background color. While it’s not a button, Facebook thinks it’s a button. That’s why the post stuck.


This jewelry was boosted by a client. Its design is a lot like a play button (video). So the auto software stuck it like a play button.

Many more innocent ads like this harassed on Facebook. And page admins can’t solve it just because they don’t know.

Now come on, how many problems are there if the ad is rejected

1. Your ad has rejected (page and ID are correct)

2. Ad Rejected and ID Restricted (Page OK)

3. Ad Rejected and Page Restricted (ID OK)

When do you realize you have this problem?

Next to your ad will written, rejected and next to the boost post button will be active. This means that your offense is not serious, this ad has just rejected, but it has no effect on your account or page. You have to analyze the reason why you have rejected the ad and post it a new. But be careful.

But if Boost Unavailable is write here instead of the boost post button, then it means that your ID (Ad Manager) or the page has eaten a restriction.

When you realize your ID is restricted, the page is OK?

Go to any other page (in which you are the admin / editor or advertiser) and see that the boost post button or Boost Unavailable is write. If boost post is write, then it is sure that your ID is correct, page restriction has eaten.

And if Boost Unavailable is write on another page, then make sure that your ID is restrict. To understand whether the page is OK, you have to look at another ID with the admin on the page. If you see a boost post coming from another ID, it means the page is OK.

There is a link on Facebook to check the ID / Page / Business Manager all together.

Here is the link : https://facebook.com/accountquality

If you enter this link from the browser that has Facebook ID logged in, it will look like this. It turns out there is a problem somewhere.

So these are all about Facebook Boost Problem Solution. Hopefully a clear idea has found.