Do you Know the Color Code of Toothpaste?

Do you know the color code of toothpaste? White, red, blue, green, gray, light pink or dark purple can be happy. There is a tendency among children to use colorful toothpaste. When they see the beautiful color of their choice, they brush their teeth with fun. The mother does not have to complain about brushing her teeth. So much for the color of toothpaste. However, the color code of toothpaste is discuss a lot lately. A sign of solid round in a small square with the back of a toothpaste tube. Its color can be green, maroon or yellow. This is called the color code of the toothpaste.
This color code has been around for a long time. No one notices no one does it again. But it is important to look for this color code



Color demands

– If the color of the small round mark in the middle of the square is green, it should be considered that it is 100% herbal. In other words, the toothpaste is made with completely natural ingredients.

– If the mark is blue, it means that this toothpaste is make with both natural and medicinal ingredients.

– If there is a red mark, it should be remembered that natural ingredients as well as chemical ingredients are used to make toothpaste.

– And the black color of the mark means that the whole toothpaste is make of chemicals.

– Experts usually emphasize the use of toothpaste with green and blue markings.

What actually happens?

  • All these color codes but again there are several errors. No toothpaste is completely natural in reality.
  • Any toothpaste must contain chemicals.
  • Although it has green markings, it is not 100% herbal. Experts claim.
  • Not only that, the natural ingredients that are use are also make with the help of chemicals. For example, the chemical formula of clove is use in toothpaste with clove flavor. The same is true of other herbs.
  • The claim that medicine has used in toothpaste is also misleading. This is because no toothpaste company gives a detailed description of the medicine.
  • Experts claim that even the claim that toothpaste contains too many minerals, including salt, is misleading.
  • All in all, the use of this color code is just an eye wash. All this has no real existence.

What’s in your toothpaste?

No matter how green or blue the toothpaste is, your toothpaste is not completely chemical free. According to the Indian Dental Association, the basic ingredients in almost all types of toothpaste are almost the same. Basically the teeth can clean with that ingredient and the paste is soft. Although the taste of toothpaste depends on the flavored chemical.