Difference Between DDR or DDR3 and DDR4 RAM

Ram or Random Access Memory; Any electronic device can be a laptop, a computer or a smartphone in your hand. RAM is an important part of all these things. Much depends on the performance of a device. And when it comes to Ram, you can actually hear a lot of things here. Today I will talk about the Difference Between DDR or DDR3 and DDR4 RAM

Speaking of RAM, there are DDR Ram, LPDDR Ram, GDDR Ram, SD Ram, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 RAM. So friends, if you still don’t know what these radams are, keep watching today’s tune in full. Because I am going to share this information about RAM in this tune. And with that being said, if you haven’t followed me yet, keep following me by clicking the follow button at the top. Let’s move on to the main discussion of the tune.

Types of Ram:

First of all, there are two types of RAM. One is Static RAM or SRAM, the other is DRAM or Dynamic Ram. So, we know Static RAM as cache memory. If you still don’t know what is cache memory, I have a previous article about it. Where I discuss in detail about cache memory. If you want to see that post, you can see it by clicking HERE. So let’s come to the main point.

Difference Between DDR or DDR3 and DDR4 RAM
Difference Between DDR or DDR3 and DDR4 RAM

The ram we will talk about in today’s article is Dynamic Ram. The first RAM we used was Asynchronous DRAM. The problem with this RAM was that this RAM was not synchronizing with the CPU’s clock. In asynchronous DRAM the CPU does not understand exactly when the data arrives, and this affects its performance. That’s why we could see a little latency in processing.

This problem is solved in the next generation of RAM which is called Synchronous DRAM or SDRAM for short. This RAM synchronized with any clock of the CPU, due to which the CPU can understand when the data of the RAM will be input-output. Due to which the CPU can work more accurately and we do not see any latency in processing. This was followed by a change in RAM technology, called DDR SDRAM or Double Data Rate-Synchronize Dynamic Random Access Memory. With this technology we can transfer data twice at the same clock speed. So, how is it?

Where there was SDRAM, there was only data at the top position and that is how the data transferred. But in the case of DDR RAM, data transfer is also done at the lower position. As a result, we are able to transfer data at twice the same clock speed, which is why this technology is called Double Data Rate. Where we can send and receive data at twice the speed of SDRAM even though it has the same clock speed.

First of all that DDR1 ram. Since then their generation has changed and DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 RAM have come in phases. Laptop computers now use DDR3, DDR4 or any other RAM of DDR. But in most cases you will see DDR3 or DDR4’s RAM. The more the generation of these DDR RAMs has changed, the faster they have become and the less power they have saved. From this you may or may not understand that the more you use the latest generation of RAMs the faster they will be and at the same time will consume less power.

So, DDR4 RAM is better than DDR3 and DDR3 RAM is better than DDR2. RAM of a certain generation but can work at a certain frequency. Here it can work at very high-frequency and at very low frequencies. And you should always keep in mind that if a RAM is DDR3 and it works with the highest frequency, then DDR4 will work at the lowest frequency there. That is, the maximum clock speed of DDR3 will be the same as the minimum clock speed of DDR4 or more.

So, if you go to buy a laptop computer or smartphone, always try to take the RAM of DDR4. Because this is the latest technology at the moment, but in the future it may or may not be even better.

It became DDR Ram. Here you will hear one more thing, and that is LPDDR RAM. So this LPDDR means Low Power Double Data Rate. And these RAMs are usually use in smartphones. Because the battery of a smartphone is very small and the battery backup of a smartphone is very important; That’s why these ram have been given a little lower power.

These can use on smartphones due to their low power consumption and can give you good battery backup. Where the RAM of a smartphone is very low power and that is why you can never compare the RAM of a smartphone with the RAM of a laptop or computer. LPDDR3 RAM is commonly use in mid-range and budget phones. And all the flagship smartphones or premium smartphones that you can see the LPDDR4 RAM.

One more thing that comes up here is GDDR RAM or Graphics Double Data Rate RAM. It is use on graphics cards. You can see in the specifications of different graphics cards, such as 2GB Graphics card, 3GB or 6GB card. This refers to the RAM that the graphics card has. And these RAMs are basically GDDR.

So GDDR RAM works a lot differently than our normal RAM. Here you may already understand the details about the Difference Between DDR or DDR3 and DDR4 RAM

So friends I hope you understand what is DDR RAM, what is SDDR RAM or LPDDR RAM and the Difference Between DDR or DDR3 and DDR4 RAM. I am ending this article here. See you in a new post in any future technology.

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