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I hope you are all well and stay safe by the grace of God. Today, as usual, I have appeared in front of you with a new article. Friends, today we will discuss about the Difference Between CPU and GPU. So, through today’s article, you can know in detail what CPU and GPU are and what their function is.

Any digital device, be it a computer, laptop, smartphone or any other device’s head processor. The thing that controls the whole device. A device has at least two types of processors, one being the CPU or Central Processing Unit, which controls your entire device. The other is a GPU or Graphics Processing Unit that only performs graphics-related tasks on your device. So now many may ask, what exactly is this graphics thing?

So look, whatever you see on the display of your device is graphics. Watching videos, writing, pictures on your smartphone is all a graphics. Whatever you see on the skin of your device falls into the graphics. The only thing that handles this graphics on your device is the GPU or graphics processing unit. Now the question is since CPU and GPU are both one processor and both of them work, then why can’t we put two CPUs in our device?

By attaching two CPUs to our devices, we can tell one that you work as a central processing unit and the other that you can work as a graphics processing unit. So, why can’t we do this on our device? What is the difference between CPU and GPU?

The difference Between the work of CPU and GPU

So look, the CPU you have is a multipurpose or versatile processor, capable of doing all the work of your device. He can do whatever you want him to do. Your device’s CPU can do all the work including playing videos on YouTube, editing videos, working in Excel files. All in all, whatever you do on your computer, the CPU can do it. Here your computer’s CPU can call the controller or the brain of everything.

But on the other hand if it is called GPU, in this case GPU is specially designed for only one or two functions. The GPU is uniquely design to process only the graphics on your device. Here is an example to make it very easy for you.

Suppose you accidentally get stuck in a forest. Now you have to come back home from there. But there you have to do a lot of work to make a living. Suppose at this time you have a multipurpose tool kits. There are many types of materials in it and you can do a lot with them.

Suppose those multipurpose tool kits include scissors, saws, blades, etc. Now if you need to cut a tree there, you can cut a tree with the saw inside the tool. But if you have a tree to do that, it will take a long time. Because here in a tool many tools have been given together and they are much smaller in size. That is why cutting down trees naturally will be your problem.

But at that time if you had a saw to cut the tree in a different way, you could easily cut the tree with it. The CPU is a multipurpose processor that can perform all the tasks of your device. Which is like the multipurpose tool I gave the example above. Here the CPU engage in doing all the work of your device.

The CPU is ready for whatever task you command. On the other hand, the GPU is only design to do the graphics of your device. The GPU is specially design for processing graphics only. As we gave the example with the saw in the case of multipurpose tool.

So let’s move on to the main point, what is the difference between CPU and GPU. What is the reason for the separation of CPU and GPU?

Difference Between CPU and GPU
Difference Between CPU and GPU

The working process of CPU and GPU is completely different. The feature of CPU here is how fast it can perform tasks. On the other hand, the feature of the GPU is how many things it can do together. It doesn’t matter how fast he does it, it matters how much he can do together. This is the main and an important difference between a CPU and a GPU.

The number of cores attached to the CPU is much stronger so that the CPU can perform a particular task very quickly. These are clock at very high-frequency, so that he can finish a task quickly. And yes if you don’t know yet, what is core, what is gigahertz, what is nanometer in processor? However, you can see this tune. In this previous tune I discussed in detail about the processor’s core, GHz, nanometer.

The CPU is fit with very powerful cores that are clock at high-frequency, so that it can perform a task very quickly. GPUs, on the other hand, have very low power cores and are clocked at low frequencies. But the cores attach to the GPU are much larger in number. How many can we usually see in the CPU? 2, 4, 6 or 16.

On the other hand, a GPU may have thousands of cores. This is the main difference between a CPU and a GPU where the CPU is able to do a job very quickly. On the other hand, with thousands of cores attached to the GPU, it is able to work more together. For example, if you play a video game, there is a lot of work to do together. When playing video games you may have many objects in front of you that will need to be processed separately.

When playing video games, a lot of work to do together inside the game. For example, there are many houses in front of you, a helicopter is flying over your head, another car is passing in front of you, etc., all these things happen at the same time and these things happen at the same time. And these tasks need to be processed together. Which but your CPU is not capable of. Because your CPU does not have so many cores to do these tasks together.

On the other hand, when it comes to GPUs, there are thousands of cores to put your tasks together. There, each core will be able to process different things separately. When you turn your neck, what will be the view angle, what needs to be made smaller or bigger, what will be the light, etc. All the things need to be processed together. Which only the graphics card of your device can do.

One more thing you may think here is that if the GPU processes these tasks together inside your game, then what is the function of the processor. We all know that a processor can only do one thing. Where there is more than one job, one has to do another job. However, if the processor has more than one core, it can do more than one thing at a time. And if there is more work to do than the core, then one job has to do another.

Where a video game has to process multiple contents at once, this processor is not suitable for your game. Because he can’t handle multiple tasks well at once. Where a processor has only a few cores, a GPU has a large number of cores. So instead of a processor, it has a GPU to do a lot of work together.

But one more thing you need to keep in mind here is that when you play a game or do something big, it doesn’t just process your GPU. Here your device’s GPU acts as a helper for your device’s processor. Where your device’s processor would do that alone, the GPU will share that work. However, the GPU is design separately for graphics processing. So a GPU can be called a helper of the CPU.

This is not to say that GPUs are only used as graphics processors. GPUs are used as processors in applications that require very difficult calculations, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or any other sector where multiple processing is required. So the work of GPU is always running on the device.

A GPU can be of two types. One is an integrated GPU, the other is a dedicated GPU. This GPU use in both computers and smartphones. Integrated GPU is the processor of the company you are buying, some amount of GPU is attached so that the display of your device at least works. The whole of your display is controlled by the GPU, if there is no GPU with your processor, you will not see anything on the display.

So, all the GPUs that come with your processor are called integrated GPUs. Integrated or integrated GPU is more common in smartphones. We can see Adreno GPU on Qualcomm processor in smartphones. We can see Mali GPU in all the processors that Medial Tek has. So these Adreno or Mali GPUs are basically integrate GPUs.

All the processors used in our smartphones are used together. These include, CPU or Central Processing Unit, GPU or Graphics or Processing Unit, DSP or Digital Signal Processor, ISP or Image Signal Processor etc. All these together make a smartphone’s processor. Which is called SoC instead of CPU or GPU, i.e. System-on-Chip. In the case of smartphones, all the processors connect together. And this SoC of the smartphone is the integrate GPU, in which everything connect together.

On the other hand, there is a dedicated GPU, which you can install on your device separately. Which has nothing to do with your CPU, here you are putting the GPU in a completely different way. In case of desktop, you can insert the graphics card in a different way, here this graphics card is basically GPU. Which you can buy from the market and put it differently according to your needs. You can determine the amount of graphics card you need and put it separately on your device. This GPU install separately from the outside is a dedicated GPU.

So friends, if you want to play high quality games on your device’s computer or laptop, you can insert a separate graphics card. If your computer or laptop does not have a good graphics card, you will have a lot of problems playing games. And to solve this problem, you have to buy a graphics card from outside separately. In this case you can put graphics cards from AMD, Nvidia, ARM, Intel. This will make it much easier to run gaming performance and other software on your device.

Installing a graphics card in a different way from the outside will greatly increase the performance of your device. Because where a processor can only process one task at a time by one core, there are many cores of a graphics card where each task process separately. So if a graphics card or a GPU attach to your device separately, it will bring a different performance to that device. That’s why a graphics card plays a big role in making a computer superfast.

So friends, I hope you understand the difference between CPU and GPU. Also what is the function of a GPU and a CPU and which of them are different. So, if you like this article then stay with us, as well as share with another people and tell how it felt. Forgive me if there is a lack of meaning in the middle of the article. Stay tuned to us and watch various science and technology based articles.