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Degree 1st Year Result 2022 - National University

The National University Degree 1st year result 2022 has been released today on 16th May 2022. Every student is eagerly waiting to check the results of their degree 1st year examination. At the end of the waiting day, you can collect the results of your desired degree 1st year 2022 from this page. The National University Examination 2022 was held last year in the 1st year of the degree and the examination ended on January 22, 2022. However, the results have already been published. We all know that this year’s degree is for first year examinees

Participated in a large number of degree examinations under the National University. About four to fifty lakhs. The student took part in the degree examination. These tests were conducted in 689 centers and these colleges are different colleges

Degree 1st year result 2020 session

Under the control of the National University. The authorities of the National University hold the first year of the degree, the second year of the degree and the third year and publish the results of the examination. Moreover Honors first year, Honors second year,

Honors third year and Honors fourth year examinations are under National University. A large number of Bangladeshi students take part in the degree examinations and honors examinations affiliated to national universities.

Degree 1st year results 2018-19 season results have been published. If you are looking for Degree 1st Year Result 2022, i.e. 2018-19 Season Result then I would say that from here you can easily download your Degree 1st Year Result with 2022 Marksheet.

Degree 1st year result 2022 publication date

So read our post carefully to get your degree 1st year result 2022 then you can easily download your degree first year results 2022. is going to publish the results of the first year under the National University 2022 degree on April 2, 2022. We generally know that tests are not published within two to two and a half months or within 60 to 70 days.

The National University publishes first year degree, second year degree, third year degree. So how do you see your 2022 degree 1st year results 2022? I will discuss these issues below

How to see the result of degree 1st year 2022

How do you see the results of degree 1st year? So I am answering this question, how can you see the results of degree 1st year 2022? There are usually two types of viewing rules for Degree 1st Year Result 2022 so you can check your Degree 1st Year Result 2022 using any method.

First, you can easily view your degree 1st year results 2022 online The most popular way to view any results online is currently being viewed. Secondly, you can see the results of your degree first year 2022 via SMS on your mobile, however,

Those who do not have internet connection can easily see the first year results of the first year results from the mobile messaging options. So below we will discuss in detail how you can see the results of your degree first year 2022 online and via mobile SMS.

Degree 1st year results 2022 online

It is very easy to see the 1st year results of 2022 degree online. So let’s talk about how you can view your degree 1st year results 2022 online. The first thing you need to do is visit the official website of the National University.

The official website is You can enter the link and view the website on your mobile or computer.

  • First go to
  • Then click on “Degree” from the left side
  • Then press the “First Year” button
  • You must enter your “Registration Number” after hitting this button
  • Then enter your “roll number”
  • Give your “pass year”
  • Answer “Enter code above here”
  • Finally, click the “Search Results” button
  • Then you will be given Degree, Honors, Masters, Professional on the left. Since you are a degree student, you must first click on the degree. Then you click on the first year.

You will then see the image above. By clicking here you enter your registration number and the next year is given, here is the year, you will find it in space and you will see a blank space, enter the code there. Then if you click the search result correctly. This is how you view your results. If you have any problems, post a comment on our Facebook.

Degree first year results through 2022 SMS

Would you like to check Degree 1st Exam Result 2022 via SMS? So welcome to our website. You get the latest ways to check your high school certificate exam results very quickly. You can easily check your result through Department of Primary Education, Teletalk Bangladesh Limited and Mobile SMS.

See the rules for applying for re-examination of degree 1st year examination results

All the available processes are very simple and different from each other. However, certain people prefer certain ways to verify their results. So all the options are open to get the result of your degree test. Degree Exam Results 2022 DPE.GOO.BD 2022 will be published in April.

NU <Space> DEG <Space> Degree Exam Roll No & send it to 16222.


Example: NU DED 123456 and send this message to 16222

Degree 1st year examination grading system

If you don’t understand the degree first year results 2022 grading system. No worries, you can easily discover how to find 2022 grading points of 2022 results from our degree. Here is a detailed discussion of grading points and how many piles there are.

So if you want to know how many grading points you get in each subject below, it is very easy. Below is a table, from which you can easily discover your own grading points by looking at the table.
Degree 1st year result 2022 -

Degree 1st year improvement / results verification system

If you are not satisfied with your own results or if you have bad results in something. You can then easily re-validate the result. Do you want to take your first year result 2022 again? If you want to re-verify the results of your degree first year 2022, you will need this subject very much.

You will have to pay an additional charge of Rs.500 to verify your results. So let’s talk about how to double-check your results. First, as I said, 500 rupees is taken to check the results

And every student should keep in mind that this application must be submitted to Sonali Bank. This means that the money should be given to Sonali Bank, not to any other bank. The rest of these systems, these systems are listed below. From there you can start the process of re-validating your results.

Degree 1st year results 2022 verification release date

Typically, test verification notices are issued within one to one and a half months of the publication of test results. It can be said that the test re-verification process will start within one to one and half months of the publication of your results. However, notices may be issued a day or two earlier or a day later.

So if you have a bad first year result, the result is bad. But don’t worry, you can take a month. Then as soon as the notice is issued you verify your test results and inshallah your results will be good.

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