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China Unveils World’s Fastest Train : Maglev Train

Today I will talk about China unveils World’s Fastest Train which name is Maglev Train. China does not miss any opportunity to surprise the world with technology or transportation. This time, China has taken a step forward with its own maglev train.

The origin of the word maglev

The term ‘maglev’ is an acronym for Magnetic Levitation. The concept of magnetic levitation was developed by Robert Gordad in the 1900s. He was an American lecturer and researcher. Magnetic levitation allows any object to float to zero; Because it resists the force of gravity. And is ensured so that the object does not move.

How the maglev train moves

As a result of magnetic levitation, the object floats to zero. And this is exactly the reason why the rail has nothing to do with the maglev train. It floats in the air and travels at maximum speed without any frictional obstruction.

The speed of the maglev train

As mentioned earlier, it travels at a maximum speed of 600 km per hour. Or it can run at a speed of 300 miles. Note that the bullet train travels at 300 km per hour. So the Maglev train is by far the fastest land vehicle in the world.

Shanghai Maglev train

When crossing the distance of the maglev train The distance of this maglev train is able to easily surpass the distance of aircraft and bullet train.

For example, the distance from Shanghai in China to Beijing is more than one thousand kilometers, about 620 miles; It takes about 5 hours to cross a bullet train. It takes 3 hours by plane; However, the maglev train is only able to cross in two and a half hours (2.5).

Capacity of maglev train

The train has 2 to 10 compartments. Where it can hold a maximum of 100 people.

How maglev trains are made

China has had very limited use of maglev for nearly two decades. The prototype train was created by scientists at The Southwest Xiaotong University. Although, This high-speed train is completely self-made. Now the world is testing this train in Japan, South Korea and China.

Maintenance of maglev train

The Maglev train costs a lot to build, but it costs less to maintain than other high-speed trains.

Shanghai’s Maglev train

Work on the Maglev Line in Shanghai, China began in 2001 and opened to the public in 2004; The line extends from Shanghai’s international airport to the city of Padong.

Recently, the maglev train operated there. The length of the maglev train was 153 meters, the width was 3.6 meters and the height was 4.2 meters. It cost China 10 billion (US 1.33 billion) to build.

So, These are all about the China Unveils World’s Fastest Train.

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